Archive Box – Derbyshire 01

Variety of Item Serial No. Description
Photocopy 14 Notes by Mr. Wright of Gild Low Cottage, Great Longstone, regarding Gild Low Shafts
Paper   Minutes of Preservation Meeting (PDMHS) 10-Nov-1985
Document and Plan   List of Shafts to be capped and associated plan from the Shaft Capping Project on Bonsall Moor
Photocopy   Documents re Extraction of Minerals at Leys Lane, Bonsall, 21-Oct-1987 – Peak District National Park
Letter   From the Department of the Environment to L. Willies regarding conservation work at Stone Edge Smelt Chimney, 30-Mar-1979
Typewritten Notes D86 B166 Notes on the Dovegang and Cromford Sough (and other places) with Sketch Map (Cromford Market Place to Gang Vein) – Maurice Woodward
Transcription S19/1 B67

S19/2 B11

S22 B120

“A Note on the Peculiar Occurrence of Lead Ore in the Ewden Valley, Yorkshire” by M.E. Smith from “Journal of the University of Sheffield Geological Society” 1958/9 “The Lead Industry of the Ewden Valley,

Yorkshire” by M.E. Smith from “The Sorby Record” Autumn 1958

“The Odin Mine, Castleton” by M.E. Smith from “The Sorby Record” Winter 1959

All Items in One Envelope (2 Copies)

Offprint   “Discussion on the Relationship between Bitumens and Mineralisation in the South Pennine Orefield, Central England” by D.G. Quirk from “The Journal of the Geological Society of London” Vol. 153 pp653-656 (1996)
Report B201 Geological Report on the Ashover Fluorspar Workings by K.C. Dunham to the Clay Cross Company 15-May-1954
Folder B24 Preliminary Notes on the Fauna and Palaeoecology of the Goniatite Bed at Cow Low Nick, Castleton by J.R.L. Allen
Photocopy D95 A Catalogue of Fossils, Rocks and Minerals by John Higton, Geologist, ……… High Tor, Matlock Bath. Late 19th Century
Photocopy   “The Marble Inlayers” by Robert Thornhill, published in 3 parts in “The Ashford Leader”, nos. 17, 18, 19 (1967) (2 copies of each)
Typewritten Notes D9 “The Rocks of Derbyshire”.
Offprint   “Fluorspar Mining in Derbyshire” by Dr. J.V. Bramley from “The Mining Magazine” (2 copies)
Offprint D9 “Geological Structure and Scenery” by J. Wilfred Jackson
Report   “Report on a Geophysical Survey at the Magpie Mine, Sheldon” by R. Vernon, Dept. of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford – Dec. 2004
Offprint   “Industrial Archaeological Geochemical Prospecting: A Scientific Aid to the study of Industrial History” by Ian Eastwood and Mike Wild from “The Hallamshire Historian” 1:1 pp17-22 (1986)
Offprint   “A New Fluorspar Mine in a National Park” by Frank Smith in “Land and Mineral Surveying” 6 pp231-241 (May 1988)
Offprint   “The Geology of the Eastern Part of the Peak District” by Fearnsides, Biast, Edwards, Lewis and Wilcockson in “Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association”.
Offprint   “Fluorspar – From Waste Product to Valuable Asset”, by Brian Spencer in “Country Images” (Nov. 1996)
Offprint   “Fluorspar: A World Review” by B.L. Hodge in “Industrial Minerals” (Sept. 1971)
Offprint B97 “Fluorite Production at the Cavendish Mill, Eyam, Derbyshire” (Anon.) from “Chemistry in Britain” 1:11 (Nov. 1965)
Offprint   “Quarrying Limestone Underground” (Anon.) in “Mine and Quarry Engineering” August 1961 pp344-352
Offprint + 2 Photocopies   “Fluorspar: A Vital Mine for War Purposes” by Ernest Hinchcliffe in “Mine and Quarry Engineering” (Oct. 1943)
Photocopy   Commemorative Pamphlet – “Laporte 1888-1988: A Hundred Years of Progress”
Envelope B40





5 Papers by W.J. Houston

“Weardale Lead” in “Mine and Quarry Engineering” (March 1964)

“Fluorspar Production in Derbyshire and Yorkshire” in “Quarry Managers’ Journal” (April 1964)

“Limestone Mining at Halkyn” in “Mine and Quarry Engineering” (December 1963)

“Calcite Production in Flintshire” in “The Quarry Managers’ Journal” (October 1963)

“Rampgill Mill” in “Mine and Quarry Engineering (February 1963)

Publication   “Laporte Minerals Glebe Mine: Information for Visitors” (Anon.) (January 1996)
Offprint   “The Influence of Depositional Methods on the Engineering Deposits of Tailings Deposits” by Dr. A. MacG. Robertson
Offprint   “The Journal of Gideon Mantell” Ed. By F. Cecil Curwen, Oxford University Press (1940)
Offprint   “Derbyshire Marble Mosaic and Inlay” by G. Bernard Hughes
in “Country Life” (December 1955)
Typewritten Notes   “Mineralogy of Bage Mine” by J. Jones
Offprint   “Derbyshire Minerals” (Anon.) from “The Forester: Nottingham High School Magazine” (Mids. 1878)
Covering Letter W. Sarjeant to G. Lunn (January 2nd 1963)
Offprint   “The Geology of Castleton” by John Royse in “Transactions of the East Derbyshire Field Club” pp1-3 (1908)
Maps   Extracts from O.S. Map showing tunnel at Harpur Hill. Produced by S. Thompson
Offprint   “The Froggatt Lead Smelter” by Alan Faulkner Taylor.Derbyshire LifeDecember 1988.
Photocopy   Extracts from Castleton Records – Extracts in the BSA Collection at the BGS, Keyworth.
Covering note by J.H. Rieuwerts regarding provenance.
Offprint   “Suppressing Drilling Dust in Middleton Mine” by R.J. Clemmow, in “Mining and Minerals Engineering.” (Sept. 1967)
Notes   Collection of Field Names from Tithe Award for Litton Parish, from S.J. Thompson
Notes   Extracts from Bagshawe Collection 444 in Sheffield Archives regarding Taddington, from S.J. Thompson
Notes   E-Mail exchanges regarding features at Litton, from S.J. Thompson
Photocopies   Collection of Documents with respect to Maury Mine, Priestcliff, plus covering letter, from S.J. Thompson
Booklet   “Temple Mine, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire: A Geological Guide” by N.J.D. Butcher (29 June 1986)
Photocopy Offprint   “Nicking of a Derbyshire Lead Mine” by Harry Lea in “Derbyshire Countryside” No. 61, Jan/Mar 1946, p147
Leaflet   “Lathkilldale Lead Mining” published by the Nature Conservancy Council
Offprint B26 “Notes on Crich Hill” by H. Arnold-Bemrose in “Derbyshire Archaeological Journal” Vol. 16, pp44-51
Offprint B27 “The Hydrology of the Lathkilldale Area” by H.A. Bamber in “Cave Science” 1:15 (June 1951)
Laser Printed Photographs   Collection of photographs (with explanations) taken in Maury Sough, Priestcliffe. (c2011).
Photocopy   Calculations regarding the Lord’s Meer, Oden Mine, Castleton (From Devonshire Collection 120/25).
Computer Printout   Notes on Brown Ore production, Stanley moor, Buxton, 1854 to 1873. (Source – probably Chris Heathcote).
Computer Printout   Notes of Perseverance Mine, near Monk’s Dale, Tideswell. (Source – probably Steve J. Thompson).
Photocopy   Letter dated 1672 mentioning lead trade.
(Covering letter from John Barnatt(?))
Draft Article   ‘Magpie Mine, Middleton-by-Wirksworth’ by Jon Scaife and Ray Marsh
Photocopies   Three parts of a plan showing Dimple Mine, Matlock.
Folder   Magpie Mine – Engine House Appeal Brochure c1985 Includes item of correspondence and PDMHS Newsletter 82
Offprint   ‘Fluorspar Production in Derbyshire and Yorkshire’ by W.J. Houston. Offprint from ‘The Quarry Managers’ Journal’ April 1964
Newsletter   ‘Record Office News’Issue 6 Spring 2012. Issued by the Derbyshire Record Office
Newsletter   ‘Record Office News’ Issue 7 Summer/Autumn 2012. Issued by the Derbyshire Record Office
Plastic Folder   Copy of the cartoon of the Wills Founder Tea Pump as drawn by John Pickin
Plastic Folder   Invitation to the Celebration of the first programmable interactive LED lighting system at Pooles Cavern, Buxton – dated 15 April 2011. (2 copies)
Plastic Folder   Prints from Microfilm – Early Ordnance Survey maps of Ashgate area, Chesterfield.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Leach, J. 1996 Coalmining around Quarnford.Staffordshire Studies. Vol. 8.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Renishaw Park Colliery and History of Renishaw Foundry. Probable source is Chesterfield Library).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Riden, Philip J. “Tramroads in North-East Derbyshire.”Industrial Archaeology.7:4, (1970) pp.373-396.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – George, P.K. 1993 The Continuing Decline of Coal Mining in Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands.Trent Geographer14 pp.31-46.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Smith, Anthony D. The Labour Supply and Industrial Structure of Staveley, Derbyshire 1851 (Source is probably East Midland Geographer – date not known but post-1993).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Stallybrass, Basil 1913 Bess of Hardwick’s Buildings and Building AccountArchaeologia.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Taylor, Alan Faulkner. The Froggatt Lead Smelter. (Source and date not known) (2 Copies)
Plastic Folder   Survey of Stone Edge Cupola, 1967, by C.W. (Chris. J. Williams??) and L. & S. W. (Lynn and Sheelagh Willies).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Warren, K. 1961 The Derbyshire Iron Industry since 1780.East Midland Geographer.16, pp.17-33
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Hodgkins, D.J. 1963 The Origins and Independent Years of the Cromford and High Peak Railway.Journal of Transport History.6, pp.39-55
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Ward, G.H.B. 1953 Holmesfield’s Medieval Bole Hills.Sheffield Clarion Ramblers Booklet. pp.74-83.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Nash, Douglas A. 1957 Jug Holes and the Nature of the Matlock Mines.Transactions of the Cave Research Group.5:1, pp.13-21.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Guthrie, Joan. 1964. Lead Mining in Derbyshire. Memoirs of the Northern Cavern & Mine Research Society. 1, pp.10-11.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Ford, Trevor D. 1956 The Speedwell Cavern, Castleton, Derbyshire.Transactions of the Cave Research Group.4:2, pp.97-124.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Hopkinson, G.G. 1957 The Development of the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Coalfield, 1550-1775.Transactions of the Hunter Archaeological Society.7:6, pp.295-319.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Fuller, G. Joan. 1965. Lead Mining in Derbyshire in the Mid-Nineteenth Century.East Midland Geographer.3, pp.373-393.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Dias, Jill. R. 1981 Lead, Society and Politics in Derbyshire before the Civil War. Midland History Vol. 6 pp38-57
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Chandler, B. 1954 The Perryfoot Lead Rake.British Caver.25, pp.54-58.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Nixon, F. 1957 The Early Steam Engines in Derbyshire.Transactions of the Newcomen Society.31, pp.1-28.
Plastic Folder   Leaflet advertising Temple Mine, Matlock Bath
Plastic Folder   Rough Sketch Survey of Carlswark Cavern, Middleton Dale.
Plastic Folder   Map – ‘Geology, Caves and Drainage of the Castleton Area’ – no source given, but probably from a BSA/BCRA publication.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article (part) – Extracts from unprovenanced articles relating to mining in Whaley Bridge.
Plastic Folder   Newspaper Cuttings relating to Magpie Mine, Blue John and Knotlow Mine.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Challinor, John 1946-7. ‘From Whitehurst’s “Inquiry” to Farey’s “Derbyshire”: A Chapter in the History of English Geology’. in Transactions of the North Staffordshire Field Club 1946-7 Vol. 81, pp52-88.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Challenger, G.P. 1981. ‘White Watson (1760-1835)’ in Journal of the Bakewell and District Historical Society No. 8 pp21-35.
Plastic Folder   Derbyshire Caving Association Training Events 2013.
Plastic Folder   Derbyshire Caving Association – Minutes of DCA Council Meeting November 2012.
Plastic Folder   Derbyshire Caving Association – Circulated Information June-August 2012.
Plastic Folder   Derbyshire Caving Association – Minutes of DCA Council Meeting June 2013.
Plastic Folder   Derbyshire Caving Association – Annual Report for 2015.
Research Report   Derwent Archaeological Society Research Report No. 1 – 1973.
Plastic Folder   Document relating to the arguments for allowing access to caves and mines under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act – published c2014.
Leaflet   DCA – Caving, Land Managers and Liability – 2014
Offprint   Photocopy Ford, T.D. and Burek, C.V. 1976. ‘Anomalous Limestone Gorges in Derbyshire’ in Mercian Geologist Vol. 6 No. 1 pp59-66.
Pamphlet   Middleton Top Engine House – Derbyshire County Planning Dept. 1973
Book   A school(?) project on Magpie Mine. This appears to have been produced some time post the Wills Founder Project and is largely based on the Magpie Mine booklets and the Red Book ‘Lead Mining in the Peak District’. It’s origin is not known, but it arrived with some surveys from the late Dave Allsop.
Plastic Folder   Report on the Cromford Sough Tail by Peter J. Naylor for Cromford Parish Council. Survey carried out on 29 September 2003.
Plastic Folder   Preservation of Remains at the Millclose Mine Site, Darley Dale – Discussion paper respecting possible move of the Mining Museum to the Mill Close Mine site. Lynn Willies 11 January 1992.
Plastic Folder   National Stone Centre – Prospectus for Development. Not Dated.
Offprint   ‘Notes on the History of Phosgenite and Matlockite from Matlock, England’ by Peter S. Burr. Published in The Mineralogical Record, Vol. 23, September-October 1992.
Booklet   ‘Industrial History in Derbyshire’ – Catalogue for an Exhibition at Tawney House, May 1969
Plastic Folder   ‘Mining Remains in Lathkill Dale’ – Catalogue and Sketch Plan of the Mining Remains in the Lathkill Dale NNR – Compiled by P.E. Lunn and S.J. Thompson.
Booklet   ‘A Celebration for the life of Harry Morris Parker – 6 September 2012 – Nether Green Methodist Church, Sheffield’.
Plastic Folder   Object Entry form for Coal Mining Books transferred to Apedale Museum.
Plastic Folder   Accession Receipt from the Derbyshire Record Office for a collection of plans relating to Holme Bank Chert Mine (see CD221 for scans).
Plastic Folder   Card showing The Moot Hall, Wirksworth. Contains letter from Margaret Oakley to Doug Nash, 2000.
Plastic Folder   Newspaper Cutting – Sheffield Star 6 September 21012 – relating to death of H.M. Parker
Plastic Folder   Accession letter and paperwork regarding the deposition of a photographic collection to the Derbyshire Record Office by Jim Rieuwerts