Archive Box – Derbyshire 03

Folder   Collection of Newspaper cuttings (not all Derbyshire) collected by H.M. Parker
Plastic Folder D25 Typewritten extract from Bradbury, Edward 1881. In the Derbyshire Highlands. Relates to mines in Lathkilldale.
Plastic Folder   Notice issued by L. Willies on behalf of the Society relating to a planning application involving Dresser Minerals Limited. Dated 09- April-1979.
Plastic Folder   Quote issued by W.E. Harrison, Steeplejack, of Sheffield relating to work to be carried out at the Stone Edge Smelter Chimney. 14 January 1974.
Plastic Folder 47 Inland Revenue PAYE Returns for 1984 relating to the Hopton Mining Company.
Plastic Folder   Planning Application relating to Magpie Mine. Compiled by L. Willies. 29 June 1979
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – extract from ‘The Life of the Honourable Sir Dudley North, Knt . . . . and of the Honourable and reverend Dr. John North’ by Roger North. Published and Printed by J. Whiston, 1744. Image downloaded from Google Books.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Plan of Mine D615/1 at Greenhills Farm, Matlock. SK292593. Survey dated September 1954. Authorship not known.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – House of Lords Law Report – Case of Wake and Wake v. Hall. 19 March 1883.
Plastic Folder   Extract from Aiken, John 1795. Forty Miles around Manchester. ‘General Account of Derbyshire’.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Legeard, J.G.A., Howell, J.A., Rothwell, J.J. and Drew, I.B. 2008. The Utility of Pinus Sylvestris L. in Dendrochemical Investigations: Pollution Impact of Lead Mining and Smelting in Darley Dale, Derbyshire, U.K.Environmental Pollution153 pp. 284-294.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Willies, Lynn and Maskall, John. 1995. The Historical and Archaeological ‘Spin-off’ from Heavy Metal Environmental Research in the Peak District.Archaeological Sciences1997: Oxbow Monograph 64.(2 Copies).
Booklet   Offprint – Willies, L. 2010. Matlock and the Location of Domesday Mestesforde.Derbyshire Archaeological Journal2010 pp176-188.
Booklet   Design for the Future – Peak District Mining Museum. 1987 (2 Copies).
Advertising Card   The Temple Mine – Matlock Bath.
Folder D81 Application for Planning Permission. Town and Country Planning Act 1971. Proposed Development at ‘Magpie Field’, Sheldon Moor Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire.
Envelope   Mill Close Mine – Correspondence and other Papers relating to Clearance of Redundant Buildings at Mill Close Mine. 1992.
Plastic Folder   Correspondence relating to the Conservation of Stone Edge Smelter Chimney. 1975.
Plastic Folder   Map relating to a Proposed Extension of Dene Quarry. February 2002.
Plastic Folder   Computer printout to lead miners’ clothing.
Plastic Folder   Two leaflets about Elton village, produced by the Elton Local History Group, 2012.
Plastic Envelope   ‘Groove Fest Programme’ – 28 June 1980 – Programme, etc.
Plastic Envelope   ‘Underground Dinner at Temple Mine – 28 April 1984 – Correspondence and Attendance List, etc.
Plastic Envelope   Various leaflets, etc., relating to the Peak District Mining Museum and Temple Mine.
Plastic Envelope   PDMHS Symposium on Lead Mining – 3/4 May 1975 – Programme, etc.
Plastic Envelope   Barmote ‘Event’ held 18 October 1995 at Peak District Mining Museum – Correspondence, etc.
Plastic Envelope   ‘Three Mines Challenge’ – 3/4 August 1985 – Correspondence etc.
Plastic Envelope   PDMHS Extravaganza – 28/30 April 1978 – Correspondence re Organisation and Attendance plus a Post-mortem.
Booklet   ‘Greenbat’ Electric Mining Locomotive made by Greenwood and Batley Ltd., Leeds, England. Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual. (Locomotive at Temple Mine).
Plastic Folder   Ticket for PDMHS Annual Dinner, Jackson Tor House, Matlock – 7 December 1996.
Plastic Folder   Collection of Leaflets for various Derbyshire Tourist attractions – Alderley Edge, Haddon Hall, Gulliver’s Kingdom, Leawood Pumphouse, National Tramway Museum, Heights of Abraham, Middleton Top Engine House, High Peak Junction Workshops, Peak Rail, High Peak Trail, Cromford Canal, Derbyshire Caving.
Booklet   Offprint of ‘The Barker Family and the Eighteenth Century Lead Business’ by Lynn Willies from ‘The Derbyshire Archaeological Journal’ Vol. 93 – 1973 (2 copies)
Booklet   Offprint of ‘Development of Lead Smelting Techniques’ by Lynn Willies from the Proceedings of a Conference ‘Archaologia Delle Attivita Estrattive e Metallurgiche’ at Campiglia Marittima – September 1991 (2 copies)
Booklet   Fortieth Annual General meeting of P.D.M.H.S. – Report of the Directors
Plastic Folder   Transcribed article ‘Diseases of Special Occupations – No. V: The Lead Miners of Derbyshire, and their Diseases’ by William Webb, from the British Medical Journal No. 33 – 15 August 1857.
Plastic Folder   Article (Source not known) – ‘The Recovery of a Trevithick Water Pressure Engine, and the opening of the Peak District Mining Museum by the Peak District Mines Historical Society (1976-1980).
Plastic Folder   Drawing of a Geological Section across the Matlock Bath valley. (This was used to create a display panel at Temple Mine)
Plastic Folder   Offprint – ‘The Pumps at Mill Close Mine’ by Peter Naylor. Bulletin of PDMHS Vol. 9 No. 2 Winter 1984.
Plastic Folder   Explanatory Drawings by A.G. Dixon of the operation of the Wills Founder Water Pressure Engine.
Plastic Folder   Offprint of an article published by the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, with the assistance of Rolls-Royce. Author not known and Article has no apparent title. Appears to be a history of engineering in Derbyshire.
Plastic Folder   ‘Notes on the Geology of Alderley Edge, Cheshire’ prepared by G. Warrington, for the National Trust 1972, amended 1976
Paper Envelope   Correspondence relating to the loans of various items from the Museum to different bodies.
Plastic Folder   Eight prints of black and white sketches of mining scenes – Magpie Mine, Golconda Mine, Mandale Engine House, Wass Engine House, Glory Mine, Stone Edge Cupola, Waterwheel at Milltown, Kibble at Crich – all appear to be by P. Miller – 1984.
Plastic Folder   Architectural drawing of the remains of a limekiln found at Bleaklow Mining Co’s mine tips near Calver, 1968.
Plastic Folder   Transcript taken from a Peak Park booklet on mining describing a walk from Wensley to Millclose. 1968.
Plastic Folder   Copy of an article from Bull. PDMHS Vol. 4 No. 3 describing a field meeting at Cromford Meadows, 1969, with annotations by N. Gregory, together with draft version of article.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy of the front page of the ‘Wass Sale’ 1886 together with annotations. Probably photocopied from the D.R.O.
Plastic Folder   Offprint from PDMHS Bulletin showing veins in Dene Hollow, Cromford, with annotations (probably by. N. Gregory)
Plastic Folder   Letter from H.M. Parker to N. Gregory together with a photograph showing L. Riley and A. Gillings presenting N., Gregory with life membership of PDMHS.
Plastic Folder   Notes on the History and Customs of Lead Mining in the Wapentake of Wirksworth – presumably written by N. Gregory.
Plastic Folder   Notes relating to a talk to be given by N. Gregory entitled ‘The Derbyshire Lead Mines, Minerals and Customs’ dated 1966.
Booklet   Describes a walk from Cromford Bridge to Matlock Bath by Nevil Gregory dated 1998. Includes Historical Notes.
Plastic Folder   1) Notepaper heading for Goodall Gregory Mines. 2) Card for Derbyshire Tours and Care Hire Service. Both were businesses of N. Gregory.