Walk report: Castleton, Pindale and Dirtlow Rake

The group of 15 set off from Castleton to Odin mine sough tail, Trickett Bridge.
The stream bed here is stained orange due to iron in the shale the sough runs through. The valley bottom is mostly of shale with the reef limestone rising up to form Treak Cliff and Long Cliff.

A strong flow of water was rising at our next stop, Russet well, this was formerly a main source of Castleton’s water supply.  The well helps drain the Peak to Speedwell cave system, of which the large natural shaft, Titan, is a part. Continue reading

Wyatt Account Book Purchased by PDMHS

By Adam Russell.

PDMHS have just purchased an account book covering the years 1783 to 1802 belonging to William Wyatt, the grandfather of the similarly named 19th century mining agent, from an antiquarian bookseller in York. This book contains information relating to Watergrove, Chapeldale and other mines; Society member John Hunter noticed that it was being offered for sale on eBay, and after a flurry of discussion by email the decision was taken to secure this item so it could be deposited as part of D6967, the Peak District Mines Historical Society Collection, in the Derbyshire Record Office where other Wyatt papers are held, rather than risk it passing into a private collection where it would not be available for study. Continue reading

International Early Engines Conference 2017

By Dave Williams

The inaugural International Early Engines Conference (IEEC hereafter) will be held at The Ironworks, Elsecar, South Yorkshire on May 11-13th 2017. The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of new research into heat engines prior to 1812.

Headline Theme – “Newcomen & colleagues achievements untainted by the smokescreens of Watt”

Background – A wide range of new field and desk research into early engines lacks an obvious outlet, forum or focus and this is the underpinning rationale for IEEC. The event design is based on the International Early Railways Conference (IERC). Repeat conferences are anticipated every 4-5 years. Continue reading