Box “Forest of Dean and Bristol”

Variety of Item Serial No. Description
Plastic Folder   Photocopy of Survey entitled ‘Old Ham Iron Mine (Forest of Dean) First Level. Dated May 1975.
Booklet   Roman Mine (Draethen, Glamorganshire) by J. and N. Tuck.A Caving Report of the Bristol Exploration Club– July 1971.
Booklet   Journal 1970 of The Society for Mines Research in the Bristol area. (2 copies).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – ‘The Nailsea and Clapton Coalfields: A Report on the Conditions of the Mines and Shafts’ issued by Woodspring District Council. October 1980.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Extract on Lead Mining taken from the Victoria County History of Somerset Vol. 2 pp.362-379
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Lemon, Sir Charles 1846. On Certain Peculiarities in the old Mining Laws of Mendip.Transactions of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall.Vol. 6.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Bath Freestone Workings by Liz Price, published by the Resurgence Press, Radstock, Bath.
Plastic Folder   Bound Photocopy – Scott-Garrett, Dr. C. 1959 Roman Iron Mine in Lydney Park.Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucester Archaeological SocietyVol. 78 pp.86-91
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – ‘The Free Miners of the Royal Forest of Dean and Hundred of St. Briavels’ by Cyril E. Hart 1953, published by The British Publishing Company Limited, Gloucester. (Contains pages 36-49, 76-137, 208-209, 250-253, 318-325, 491-501).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Part of book relating to Timber (May be from A.L. Cross, Eighteenth Century Documents Relating to the Royal Forests, the Sheriffs and Smuggling selected from the Shelburne Manuscripts in the William L. Clements Library, 1928).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – MacLean, Sir John. 1889-90. A Perambulation of the Forest of Dene in the County of Gloucester 10 Edw. 1 (1281-2)Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucester Archaeological Society.Pp. 356-369.
Paper Envelope   Photocopy – Third Report of the Commissioners of Woods, Forests and Land Revenues, 1788 from House of Commons Journal Vol. 43 (1788) pp.559 on.
Plastic Folder   Leaflet – Clearwell Caves – Ancient Iron Mines. n.d.
Plastic Folder   Booklet – The Royal Forest of Dean Free Miners’ Association. 1983.
Booklet   (Copy) Report on the Coleford Iron Ore Company and Associated Properties by C. Baring Horwood.
Booklet   Resolution of Freeminers passed at the Speech House, Forest of Dean on 28th June 1930 re Local Enquiry into Proposed Revival of the Forest of Dean Iron Industry.
Plastic Folder   Typewritten item – Iron Mines in the Royal Forest of Dean – no provenance.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Notes and approx. survey of Clevedon Cave or Foxes Hole. From E.G.O.N.S. Newsletter No. 2 Jan. 1970.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – The Laws and Customs of the Miners in the Forest of Dean in the County of Gloucester. 1687.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Reprint of a Paper given by Mr. Elsom entitled ‘Dean Forest Freeminers’ Rights’ given at Lydney on May 14 1885.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – ‘Old Ham First Level’ by Doug MacLean from ‘Newsletter of the Royal Forest of Dean Caving Club’ (59) pp.5-7 October 1975
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – ‘Old Ham Iron Mine, Ham Level Extension’ by Dave Eyre from ‘Newsletter of the Cerberus(?) Speleological Society’ May/June 1983.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – ‘The Geology of the Forest of Dean’ No Provenance.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – The First Report of the Dean Forest Mining Commissioners. 1839.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – The Fourth Report of the Dean Forest Commissioners. (Part of) 1835. (Pages 3-10, 20-21, 44-52, 54-55).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – The Fifth Report of the Dean Forest Commissioners. (Part of) 1835. (Pages 70-74).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Chapter entitled ‘The Mendip Lead Industry’ by H.D. Elkington(?) from Branigan, Keith and Fowler, P.J. 1976 The Roman West Country: Classical Culture and Celtic Society. David and Charles.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – The Mines of Dundry Down (Probably extracted from Journal of the South Bristol Speleological Society. 7 (1978)).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Lead Mines of the Bristol Area by J. Sheen. Taken from Newsletter of the Mendip Nature Research Committee No. 63 Autumn 1971 pp27-30.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Lead Mining in Backwell by J.M. Pullan. Taken from In and Around (Nailsea and District Local History Society) Volume 1 – 1984.
Plastic Folder D105 Printed Photograph – The Last Chimney Stack on Mendip, Smitham Hill, East Harptree by A.E. McR. Pearce – Source not known.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Dundry Freestone Workings by P.A.E. Stewart. Taken from The British Caver No. 20 pp78-9 (1950).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – A Mine at Nordrach by R.F. Haines-Nutt. Taken from Proceedings of Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital Caving Group. n.d.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – McMurtrie, James. 1911 On Indications of Lead Mining on Clifton and Durdham Downs, with notes on Mendip Mining Laws, A Paper read before the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy of Report from the Commissioners of Woods, Forests and Land Revenues recommending Measures for ascertaining the Boundaries of Dean Forest, and for Inquiring into the Rights or Claims of Persons calling themselves ‘Free Miners’ dated 25th August 1829.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Hart, Cyril E. 1968. A Resume of the History of the Forest of Dean’s Iron Working Industries. Historical Metallurgy Vol. 2 No. 1 pp.7-15.
Plastic Folder   Leaflets for various Tourist Mining Attractions – Clearwell Caves, Corsham Quarry Centre, Hopewell Colliery Museum