Box “Lead Smelting and Refining”

Variety of Item Serial No. Description
Booklet   Enthoven – Foremost in Lead Recycling. n.d.
Booklet   National Society for Clean Air – Lead and You: Why is Lead Dangerous?
Booklet   Sales Brochure – Calder: The Lead Engineering Experts.
Booklet   Sales Brochure – Calder: The Radiation Shielding Experts.
Booklet   Sales Brochure – Calder: Lead Clad Steel.
Booklet   Affinerie de Plomb de Villefranche-sur-Saone
Booklet   Lead Development Association – Lead Work (October 1982)
Booklet   Sales Brochure – BLM Girdler – Specialists in Special Leadwork.
Folder   Glossary of Terms used in the Lead Industry (Source not known).
Folder   Typewritten Notes relating to lead smelting and refining
Rotary Kiln Smelting
The Varta Process
Reverb/ Blast Furnace Route
Q.S.L. Process
Kincet Process
Hydrometallurgical Processes
Slag Disposal Notes
Assessment of Rotary Furnace Route
(Collected by Alan Mutter).
Plastic Folder   Sheldon Bush and Patent Shot Company Limited. Records at their Cheese Lane, Bristol Offices – October 1991.
Plastic Folder   Abstract from the Conference of the 3rd European Lead Battery Conference, Munich October 1992
Ramus, K. and Hawkins, P. Lead-Acid Battery recycling and the new Isasmelt Process.
Plastic Folder   Lead Production by the QSL-Process (Lurgi).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – QSL – A Continuous Process for Environmentally Clean Lead Production. (Source not given).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – The QSL Process for an Energy Efficient and Clean Lead Production by L. Deininger (Source not given).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Mager, K. and Schulte, A. Process and Technological Aspects of the first four Commercial QSL Plants. (Source appears to be a Conference Proceedings).
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Bergsoe Whole battery Smelting Process. (Source not known).
Paper Envelope   Labelled – Ore Hearth Newnam (Contains various photocopies)
Paper Envelope   Labelled – Newnam Hearth Furnace – Appears to be a draft of an article by Alan Mutter which appeared in Bull PDMHS 12:4.