Box “Miscellaneous”

Plastic Folder   List of Plans and sections in the B.C.R.A. Mining Records. Relates to mining in the Yorkshire Dales and Grassington, and has been annotated by Mike Gill, NMRS.
Plastic Folder   Leaflet, c2000, Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels.
Plastic Folder   Offprint – ‘Shining Stones: Britain’s Native Marbles’ by Graham Lott and David Smith from The Building Conservation Directory 2001
Plastic Folder   Notification as a Site of Special Scientific Interest – Lower Woods, Northavon District, County of Avon
Plastic Folder   Computer Printout from the Internet. Assessment for two areas of geological interest in the Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site – Pinhay Bay and Culverhole Point.
Paper Envelope   Correspondence and photographs relating to an enquiry directed to Adrian Pearce from the Institute of Geological Sciences regarding samples for bacteria underground. Dated October 1982.
Plastic Folder   Notes and other material on Yorkshire Metal Mining. Post-it note attached relates to information passing from Mike Gill, NMRS, to J.H. Rieuwerts.
Plastic Folder   Contains leaflet entitled ‘Bats Underground – A Conservation Code’. Published by a partnership of the Fauna and Flora Preservation Society, the Nature Conservancy Council and the Vincent Wildlife Trust. Dated 1988.
Plastic Folder   Contains Pre-Print Paper No. 24 – Pattern for the Revival of Mineral Exploration in the British Isles by A.J.P. Walter – to be given at a Symposium entitled ‘The Future of Non-Ferrous Mining in Great Britain and Ireland – London, September 1958.
Plastic Folder   Computer Printout from the Internet. Contains information relating to lead mining near Stromness, Orkney (Mentions the involvement of Derbyshire miners).
Offprint   Taylor, M.A. and Harte, J.D.C. 1991. Fossils, Minerals and the Law. Geology Today Sept./Oct. 1991 pp189-193
Booklet   The Hardy Patent Pick Co. Ltd. Catalogue – Section 5: Hand Power Boring Machines and Parts. 1922
Booklet   Eureka – The Journal of Mining Collectibles Issue 32 October 1999 – The Spedding Flint Mill
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – (part of) Lead – Imperial Mineral Resources Bureau 1922 (not further details known).
Plastic Folder   Leaflet – Ancestral Voices – An Introduction to Building Stones.
Published by the British Geological Survey c.1976
Booklet   The Meadow Bank Mine – Published by I.C.I. c.1960
Plastic Folder   Survey of Wood Mine, Alderley Edge. c.1975
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Warrington, Geoffrey 1965. The Metalliferous Mining District of Alderley Edge, Cheshire.Mercian GeologistVol. 1 Pp.111-131.
Booklet   The Alderley Edge Mining Company, 1858-1878 – Extracts from the Mining Journal. Compiled by A. Scragg.
Paper Envelope   Notice issued by Macclesfield Borough Council relating to refusal of planning application to develop West Mine, Alderley Edge as a tourist attraction. Dated 1st October 1981.
Plastic Folder   Correspondence between Stan Gee of the Derbyshire Caving Club and Adrian Pearce regarding the Alderley Edge mines. Dated 1982.
Booklet   The Newcomen Type Engine at Elsecar. Published by the National Coal Board, September 1984.
Booklet   Photocopy of the discussion on ‘Notes on an Old Colliery Pumping Engine (1791)’ by William Thomson Anderson. 1916-7. Published in the Transactions of the Institution of Mining Engineers. Vol. 52 pp.423-445.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Excerpt from ‘Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society’ 1665-1666 pp.52-5. Entitled ‘A Way to Break Easily and speedily the hardest Rocks, communicated by the same Person, as he received it from Monsieur du Son, the Inventor’.
Plastic Folder   Leaflet advertising the Stationary Engine Research Group. c.1990.
Plastic Folder   Pages from a Journal (probably Scientific American, January 1964). ‘The Origins of the Steam Engine’ by Eugene S. Ferguson.
Paper Envelope   Envelope labelled ‘More Engines (Water Pressure in Derbyshire and Scotland) Basford Beam Engine. Contains various items.
1) Photocopy of – Brooks, Tony July 1991. Swannington Pumping Engine and Calcutta Shaft. A Brief History and Description. The Flywheel (Journal of the Northern Mill Engine Society).
2) Booklet – The Basford Beam Engine and other Engines at Nottingham Industrial Museum.
3) Photocopy of – Bromley, Edmund ‘On Garrett, Marshall and Company’s Hydraulic Pumping Engine, Draining Dip Workings at Grassmoor Colliery’. Probably from the Transactions of the Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers’.
4) Computer Printout with attached slip. Draft copy of an article regarding models of pumping engines in the Peak District Mining Museum. Compiled by Roy Paulson and addressed to Tony (Dixon??).
5) Draft version of an article by Geoff Downs-Rose in November 1984 entitled ‘The Use of Hydraulic Pumping Engines for Draining the Wanlockhead Lead Mines’. Final publication not known.
6) Two copies of an explanation with drawings of the operation of a hydraulic pumping engine – possibly the Wills Founder Engine.
7) Draft booklet entitled ‘Unwatering Lead Mines in Derbyshire and How it was done without the use of steam’ by A.G. Dixon.
Booklet   An Introduction to Roads and Roadmaking issued by Tarmac Roadstone, 1982.
Paper Envelope   A.I.A. Conference in Association with N.A.M.H.O. ‘The British Metal Mining Conference – Conservation, Interpretation and Research’. 16/17 June 1989, Loughborough University – Programme etc.
Plastic Folder   Issue 2 and 3 of The Mole – Newsletter of the Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels. 1997.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Part of an Article on early post-Medieval Mining Records – Source unknown.
Plastic Folder D151 Notes regarding Robert Hunt’s use of illustration in ‘British Mining’ (1884). Compiled by Paul Sowan.
Paper Envelope D148
a) Offprint – ‘The Meadowbank Rock Salt Mine’ reprinted from Mine and Quarry Engineering, February and March 1962.
b)Extract from unknown publication ‘The Only Mine on the Island’ by John Winton (Concerns Meadowbank Salt Mine, Cheshire).
Plastic Folder   Three photocopies of a print entitled ‘Or, Pilage et Lavage de la Mine’ – Source unknown (Depicts ore crushing and washing).
Plastic Folder   Typewritten document entitled ‘Miscellaneous Underground Stone Mining and Quarrying in Scotland’. Compiled by Paul W. Sowan and dated 15 June 1991.
Booklet   ‘Men of the Lowther Hills’ by W.S. Harvey and G. Downs-Rose, dated 1975.
Paper Envelope   Contains Newsletters of the Manx Mines Research Group Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (Two off – different) and 10 – mid to late 1980’s.
Plastic Folder   Printed Notes relating the Geology of the Alderley Edge, Cheshire prepared by G. Warrington of the Institute of Geological Sciences, Leeds c.1972.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Harvey, W.S. 1994 Pollution at Leadhills: Responses to Domestic and Industrial Pollution in a Mining Community.Local Historian24:3 pp.130-138.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Emsley, John 1994 Ancient World was Poisoned by Lead.New Scientist1 October 1994.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Newspaper Cutting – Coal-Yard Closure is the End of an Era ‘Evening Chronicle, Oldham– 22 September 1994’
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Younger, P.L. 1994 Minewater Pollution: The Revenge of Old King Coal.Geoscientist4:5 pp6-8.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Booklet – Colman, T.B. 1990 Exploration for Metalliferous and Related Minerals in Britain: a Guide. British Geological Survey
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Hooper, W. and M. 1994 Life after Death.Geographical Magazine66(8) pp35-6.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Waltham, T. c1995 New Dimensions and New Understandings of Ground Subsidence.Geoscientist5:4 pp13-14
Plastic Folder   Photocopy Article – Tucker, D. Gordon 1972 Fumes, Flues, Condensers and Chimneys in Lead SmeltingBulletin of the Historical Metallurgy Group, Vol.6 No.2 pp.1-6
Plastic Folder   Information Pack relating to the NAMHO 1993 Conference held in the Isle of Man
Booklet   Computer generated booklet entitled ‘Mining References from the Illustrated London News’. 1853-1859. Created by Alan Vickers January 2001.
Booklet   Computer generated booklet listing quarry sites. Appears to be generated principally from references in The Mining Journal.
Dated 21.7.2000. Source not known.
Plastic Folder   Copy of British Mining History – Bibliography No. 1 1990.
Plastic Folder   Copy of British Mining History – Bibliography No. 2 1991.
Plastic Folder   Copy of British Mining History – Bibliography No. 3 1991.
Plastic Folder   Copy of British Mining History – Bibliography No. 4 1992.
Plastic Folder   Copy of British Mining History – Bibliography No. 5 1993.
Plastic Folder   Copy of British Mining History – Bibliography No. 6 1995.
Plastic Folder   Copy of British Mining History – Bibliography No. 7 1998.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Extracts (pp32-35, 66-69) from Sherlock, R.L. & Hollingworth S.E. 1938. Gypsum and Anhydrite. Special Reports on the Mineral Resources of Great Britain, Volume 3. Memoir Geological Survey of Great Britain, His Majesty’s Stationery Office, London.
Plastic Folder   Newsletter No. 15 of the British Caving Association – November 2011
Plastic Folder   Notes compiled by David Poyner (of the Shropshire Mining and Caving Club) relating to a visit to the excavations at Pitchcroft Engine House, Church Aston, near Newport, Shropshire (2013)
Plastic Folder   Leaflets for various Mining Tourist Attractions – Wanlockhead, Ironbridge, Salt Museum – Northwich, the Tar Tunnel, Apedale Heritage Centre
Plastic Folder   ‘Myths against Minerals’ by Rob Ixer, published in British Archaeology October 2002
Plastic Folder   ‘Economic Minerals’ by Arthur Notholt. No source given.
Plastic Folder   ‘18th Century Lead Ingots from the Hollandia’ – A more detailed analysis of the ingots than that which appears in Bull PDMHS 9:4.
Booklet   Parts list from Holman Brothers of Camborne, England. List covers ‘Universal Drill Rig’ for ‘Down-the-Hole’ and Drifter types.
Plastic Folder   Parts list for ‘Down-the-Hole’ type Drilling Unit from Holman Brothers of Camborne, England.
Plastic Folder   Description and part list for Holman Reciprocating or Piston Drills. Camborne, 1923.
Plastic Folder   Drawings and Parts List for Holman Air Feed Hammer Drills (A.F.W.2) published by Holman Brothers Ltd., Camborne, England.
Plastic Folder   Description and Parts List for Holman Cradle Mountings for Nos. 1, 2, 3, 30, 40 and 50 Pounder Hammer Drills, published by Holman Brothers Ltd., Camborne, England.
Plastic Folder   Leaflet for Machine Drills and Boring Tools by J. and H. Morewood, Manufacturers of Hollow Drill Steel, Buffalo Works, Soho Street, Sheffield
Plastic Folder   Photocopy of part of the catalogue of hand drilling equipment manufactured by Hardypick Limited, Sheffield, 1953.
Paper Envelope   Instructions and Parts Catalogue of Wilfley Table (as in the shed at Temple Mine).
Paper Envelope   General Rules for explosive Stores – issued by Explosives and Chemical Products Limited, Alfreton.
Booklet   Memorandum and Articles of Association for the Historical Metallurgy Society. (1979).
Photograph   Miscellaneous Photo of Mill Chimneys (site not know).
Booklet   The Ignition of Firedamp by Explosives, Colliery Guardian 1939
Booklet   Specific Gravity Coal Washing (with ref to the Tromp process), Colliery Guardian 1939
Photocopy D132 Timetable for the infilling of shafts at Silverhill Colliery, Sept 1993
Booklet   Paper by J.J. Atkinson on The friction of Air in Mines, Manchester Geological Society 1862
Booklet   Paper by F.B. Hinsley on The Control of Atmospheric Conditions in Mines, Royal Society of Arts 1967
Booklet D74 Proposal for the reopening of Chatterley Whitfield Museum, 1994
Plastic Folder D63 Notes on the development of Elsecar Colliery Area. Handout from Field Meeting by I Brown & J Goodchild 1980
Booklet   Miscellaneous Mines in Great Britain 1974, Dept. of Trade
Booklet   A Complete A to Z of over 2200 Collieries with names of pre-1947 owners. Colin Jackson 1998
Plastic Folder D65 Photocopies of 3 Certificates of Authority for W Bostock to operate equipment at Woodside Colliery 1939, 1954 and 1960