Box “The World”

Variety of Item Serial No. Description
Plastic Folder   Journal – Subterranea Belgica – Special ‘Gites Metalliferes’ – September 1989
Plastic Folder   Offprint – Willies, Lynn in association with Craddock, P.T., Gurjar, L.J. and Hegde, K.T.M. 1984. Ancient Lead and Zinc Mining in Rajasthan, India.World ArchaeologyVol. 16 No. 2 pp222-233.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Koran, Jan and Vanecek, Vaclav. 1962. Czech Mining and cs.Cahiers d’Histoire Mondiale. Vol. 7 No. 1 pp27-55.
Plastic Folder   Offprint – Willies, L.M. 1991. Geology and Metallurgy in the Interpretation of Ancient Mining and Smelting inArchaeological Sciences. Publ. Oxbow Books. Pp201-211.
Plastic Folder   Offprint – Brill, R.H. and Wampler, J.M. 1967 Isotope Studies of Ancient Lead.American Journal of Archaeology. Vol. 71 pp63-77.
Paper Envelope   Offprint – Thomsen, Vol. 204. 1966.Metallographic Studies of an Axe from the Migration Age. Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute. Vol. 204 pp905-909
Plastic Folder   Offprint – Paper from a Conference ‘Archaeologia delle Attivita Estrattive e Metallurgiche’ – Willies, L., 1991, Development of Lead Smelting Techniques. Pp497-514.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Helm, John A. October 1995. The Silver Mines of the Vosges Mountains, France.Records of the Craven Pothole ClubNo. 40 pp43-44.
Plastic Folder   Photocopy – Groessens, Eric. 1997-8. Les Carrieres Souterraines de Folx-les-Caves (Belgique).Bulletin de la Commission Royale des Monuments, Sites et Fouilles. Tome 16.1 pp17-36 (in French)
Plastic Folder   Typewritten Document (translation) – Hagermann, Dieter. 1985. Principles of the Order of Sovereignty in the Mining Industry in the late Middle Ages.Tecknikgeschichte. Band 52 Heft 3. also Photocopy of the original article (in German).
Paper Envelope D47 Photocopies – Notes on the Mining Collections of the National Technical Museum in Prague – 12 Postcards relating to mining issued by the Museum.
Plastic Folder   Tourist Leaflet – Idrijsko in Cerkljansko (an area of Slovenia containing a mercury mine) – leaflet in Slovenian and English. Circa 2000.
Plastic Folder   Booklet – ‘Silver in the History of Science, Technology and Art’ a Symposium organised by the Czechoslovak Scientific Technical Society in October 1971. Synopsis of papers (in English).
Plastic Folder   Booklet – Hindzinc Tech. Vol. 1 No. January 1989. Contains article ‘Zinc – A Heritage’ detailed work carried out by Willies, Craddock and others in Zawarmala, India.
Plastic Folder   Booklet – ‘Plomb, plomb, plomb, plomb’ issued in the Conseil General du Rhone, 2001. (in French)
Plastic Folder   Booklet – Goslar – 1000 years are like a Single day – Guide to the town of Goslar, Harz Mountains. (in English).
Plastic Folder   Leaflet – Das Oberharzer Bergwerksmuseum (Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany) – The Over Harz Mining Museum (in German).
Plastic Folder   Leaflets and card – ‘Mines d’Argent des Rois Francs’ – Silver Mines at Melle, France (mainly in French, but some English).
Plastic Folder   Postcard (addressed to J.H. Rieuwerts) of the Montan Museum alt Bockstein, Austria.
Plastic Folder   Leaflet – Les Iles de Pont et Le Granit de Liguge. (Granite quarries south of Poitiers, France) (in French).
Paper Envelope   Photocopy – Todd, A.C. 1977.The Search for Silver: Cornish Miners in Mexico, 1824-1947. Padstow: Lodenek Press.
Plastic Folder   Booklet – Bergbau Erleben im Harz (in German)
Plastic Folder   Booklet – ‘3000 Jahre Salz – Gewinnung im Magdeburger Land’ by H-H. Walter (in German)
Plastic Folder   Booklet – Geschichte des Creuzburger Salzwerks’ by Horst Schmidt and H.H. Walter. 1988 (in German).
Booklet   Booklet – Preussag Metall (detailing activities of the company) (in English).
Plastic Folder   Booklet – Besucher-Bergwerk ‘Drei Kronen and Ehrt’ (in German).
Computer Printout   Article – Schwartz, S. 2012 The ‘Light Infantry of Capital’: The Migration of Miners from South West Britain to Latin America in the Early Nineteenth Century and the Rise of the Modern Global Mining Economy. Proceedings of the International Mining History Conference, Johannesburg.
Booklet   The Goldfields’ Poor (New Zealand) by Pauline Cartwright – 1989
Paper Envelope   Booklet – The Navan Development – Tara Mines Limited n.d.
Booklet – About Mining – Navan
Booklet B19 The World Museum of Mining – Butte, Montana (May 1964)
Plastic Folder B121 Copper … the Oldest and the Newest metal. Produced by The Copper and Brass Research Association, New York
Plastic Folder   Various leaflets relating to the Deutsches Bergbau-Museum, Bochum
Plastic Folder   Various leaflets relating to French Mining Museums
Plastic Folder   Various leaflets relating to Rammelsberg Mine, Goslar, Harz Mountains, Germany.
Plastic Folder   Various leaflets relating to the Das Oberharzer Bergwerksmuseum, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Harz Mountains, Germany.
Plastic Folder   Various leaflets relating to Mining Museums and other attractions in Germany.
Plastic Folder   Payan, Ing. Manuel 1987 Charcas Mine (Mexico) Mining Magazine January 1987
Plastic Folder   Set of Postcards showing mining scenes at Freiberg, Saxony. Acquired from the Freiberg City and Mining Museum.
Plastic Folder   Leaflets relating to mining and mineral attractions from Freiberg, Saxony. (in English).
Plastic Folder   Leaflet relating to Das Alaunwerk in Muhlwand, Germany (Alum mining and processing. (in German)
Plastic Folder   Leaflet relating to Roeder-Stollen at Rammelsberg, the Harz (in German)
Plastic Folder   Photocopied Offprint – ‘The Western Lapidary tradition in Early Geological Literature: Medicinal and Magical Minerals’ by Christopher J. Duffin. From Geology Today Vol. 21 No. 2 March-April 2005
Plastic Folder   ‘Metal Mining and Canadian Economic development to 1939’ – A Draft of a Paper prepared by Dr. C. Dow, Department of Economics, University of Stirling for the Mining History Seminar, University of Keele, November 1988.
Plastic Folder   ‘The Distribution of British Direct Investment in Non-Ferrous Metal Mining Overseas, 1870 to 1914.’ By Charles Harvey and Jon. Press. No apparent source, but may have been prepared for the Mining History Seminar, University of Keele, November 1988.
Plastic Folder   Figure and Table referring to world tin production 1800 – 1920
Plastic Folder   ‘Crystalline Matter’ – An article from the British Museum Magazine – Spring