Holme Bank Chert Mine cleanup

In June, It was reported that vandals had gone into Holme Bank chert mine at Bakewell, and sprayed graffiti right through the workings. This mine has a particular place in the hearts of many PDMHS members, as it has been the subject of numerous underground trips over the years. So at the end of August, Paul Chandler arranged a cleanup session, and a joint working party of PDMHS and Masson Caving Group members spent an evening in there getting rid of as much of the graffiti as we could. Continue reading

April 25th – Underground Trip to Brightgate Cave, Bonsall Moor

Tuesday April 25th 2017. Meet at 7.00pm.

Organiser: Paul Chandler.

Grade: Moderate. No ladder or ropework. 

Meet at 7.00pm. To book your place or for details of where to meet, contact Paul Chandler on 01246 220773 or email him at: meets@pdmhs.comParty size is limited. 

An unusual and quite complex cave system, which is also compact. It has been visited by lead miners via a now lost entrance. A fun, sporting, dry trip. The entrance passage is awkward and contains two squeezes. Note of caution: the first squeeze is short, but tight! Worth taking a camera for the fine 18th century, smoked miners inscriptions!

Reference: Caves of the Peak District – The Derwent South (Matlock) Catchment area (2010 Edition).

A Masson Caving Group trip – PDMHS members welcome

April 11th – Underground Trip to Mouldridge Mine, Pikehall.

Tuesday April 11th 2017. Meet at 7.00pm.

Trip Co-ordinator – Vicky Bell. A Masson Caving Group trip – PDMHS members welcome.  Party size is limited – booking essential. Please text/phone Vicky on 07792 757953 or email her at: vickybell@hotmail.co.uk to book your place.

This is an easy grade, dry trip, ideal for novices, but also of interest to more experienced explorers. Quite a complex, but compact mine on different levels. The passages are mostly walking or stooping size, with very little crawling! Come and try the ‘banana slide’ and see if you can negotiate the ‘ore chute’ squeeze? A great little mine, and a fun trip!  

March 7th – Underground Trip to Wapping Mine, Matlock Bath

March 7th 2017. Meet at 7.30pm.

Leader: Paul Chandler.
An easy grade, mainly dry trip. Mostly walking or stooping size passages with some easy climbs, and short crawly bits. An ideal novice trip, but of interest to more experienced explorers. The trip is being organised primarily as a training trip for prospective mine leaders, but is open to all. Wapping Mine contains large, impressive mined stopes, a small maze, and there is still some nice mineralisation.  
Party size is limited. Evening trip. To book your place(s), for meeting arrangements or further details, please contact Paul Chandler on 01246 220773 or at meets@pdmhs.com. NOTE: The mine entrance/exit can be quite awkward!
Optional drink after trip in Matlock Bath. Joint meet with Masson Caving Group. Reference: Cumberland Cavern and Wapping Mine compiled by John Barnatt and David Webb for the Derbyshire Caving Association (2002). This is the definitive guide to this system and is well worth purchasing.

February 22nd – Underground Trip to Masson Cavern, Matlock

Tuesday February 22nd 2017. Meet at 7.00pm.

A joint trip with Masson Caving Group.
Trip Co-ordinator: Vicky Bell. Please text/phone Vicky on 07792 757953 to confirm attendance.

An relatively easy grade, dryish trip into this extensive network of mine workings and natural caverns. From early “woodpecker” pick workings, hand picked ‘coffin’ levels to relatively modern mining artefacts it has plenty to offer and is interesting from both the geological and mineralization perspective. Nearly all walking size passages, with very little crawling – and no SRT – involved. An oversuit or old clothes are recommended.
Meet at 19:00 for a 19:15 start time, parking in the layby on Salters Lane, Matlock.