Digital Heritage

PDMHS is slowly moving more of our archival data on-line and we hope to do more.  It would benefit the society as a whole and enable individual members get access to information currently only available in hard-copy.

The full scope of this undertaking is massive and will only be able to make progress with help from PDMHS members. 
Rather than expecting a few members to make a large commitment, we are hoping many members might each contribute an occasional hour at the PC. 
To that end we are looking at setting up some interactive internet based communication facilities to make it easier to share knowledge and resources.  

The aim is to copy PDMHS archives on paper and photos into digital formats.  Wherever possible any new data should be originated in digital format rather than hard-copy which will just add to the digitisation task.

We want to open up new lines of communication between members to share your resources,  knowledge, expertise and provide context.  That’s not only the more “academic” data but might extend to the opportunity to share and record personal reminiscences, information that might otherwise be un-recorded and eventually lost.

Activities currently under consideration include:
  • Digitising our archive of slides & photos to a high standard
  • Improving the description of those photos: who do they feature, what is the location, when was the photo taken etc.
  • Digitising documents, scanning and possible even transcribing hand-written notebooks.
  • Digitising maps
  • Collating records of mines and mining industry artefacts
  • Reviewing publications intended for a general public audience – maybe a revision of “Lead Mining in the Peak District” and/or a set of walking guides around the Lead Mining areas.
  • Enhancing access to and usefulness of resources by creating searchable databases, overlaying data onto maps, indexing photo collections.
The benefits include: 
  • Ensuring the decades of effort many of you have dedicated to Peak Mining History are safely stored for future generations.
  • Sharing information between members and so improving the opportunity to build on that while at the same time reducing the potential amount of duplication of effort.
The deliverables from this work might include:
  • A geographic database of Peak District mines and related sites
  • Improved maps (derived from the database)
  • An online searchable database of images
  • New and/or revised publications aimed at a general readership

How can you help?

Follow this link to see what activities there are and perhaps join in. 

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