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Many articles from the Bulletin, and in a few cases, the entire bulletin have been scanned and converted to .PDF format. Older issues were reproduced from typed text, more recent ones are higher quality digital texts.
This is not the entire content of the bulletins but it includes nearly 800 articles.
Bulletins from recent years are not on-line, copies may be purchased from the Museum in person or by post and are also available in the library (held at the museum).
This page allows you to search the article titles which then link to the article. It does not search within the articles.
WARNING: some of these files are very big and will take a long time to download on slower connections, filesize is listed after the article name.

The content of these files is copyright. If you wish to make any other than personal use of any part of any PDMHS publication you must contact PDMHS to seek permission. Copyright is either that of the original author or of PDMHS.

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Mining History Index

The database of articles is not comprehensive, some have not been converted to PDF. You can search a more complete list of contents of past issues of Mining History here - including individual articles together with their authors. (The most recent bulletins may not have been added to the index yet).

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