Newspaper cuttings

Over the years a collection of Newspaper Cuttings relating to Peak District mining has been built up. They run from 1798 to 1895. Most of these have been transcribed from the originals or from microfilmed copies.
Most of the files (but not all) contain the full text of the articles, ranging from single sentences through to exhaustive reports of accidents, dinners, company prospectuses, etc.

Most of these cuttings have been collected by Dave Williams, either from the Derbyshire Times or from the Mining Journal, whilst others including Mike Gill, Alan Vickers and Roger Flindall have also contributed articles.

Dave had collated these articles in PDF format grouped by month. Those PDFs are still available, however they are difficult to search. Unfortunately the format of the material doesn't lend itself to conversion to a database without a major task of standardising entries. The alternative approach used here means that some searches will be slow and may return an excessive number of results. Avoid words or phrases likely to feature extensively, for example the word "mine". There are various defects in the data, most noticeably, formatting. The aim was to separate articles and list by source, date, title, content but in some cases articles one or more articles are appended to another. Reaching the current state required a lot of manual intervention and a lot more would be required to improve the situation (you are welcome to volunteer...). On a positive note, at least the entire body of content is searchable.

Should you have additional relevant newspaper cuttings we would be happy to include them in the system.

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