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Login arrangements changed in Jan 2023

Access to some of the content on this website is only available to current paid-up members of PDMHS.  It is now in a separate members-only website at

Some of the content there needs you to log in but that under the Admin menu item (such as “Login problems”) are unprotected. 

Login details: You can use either your email address or your membership number as username. Your membership number can be found on your membership card or the address label on official PDMHS communications (it will look something like “Z123”).  To get a password use the “forgot password” option on the members home page, the password will be sent to the email address we have on file.  That assumes we have one and that it is correct.

In case of difficulty logging in click here.

Why the change to a separate web-site for members content?

The older login system proved unreliable,  the new website uses newer software which includes a simple login program and is much easier to maintain. Shifting the “old” (2017) website to the new software would be a major undertaking.

For those interested in the technicalities: both Public and Members-only sites use WordPress, the key difference is that the members site uses DIVI a more powerful/versatile/(expensive) theme. In 2023 WordPress is the chosen software for nearly half of all web sites globally.
The “old” login code was the free tier of a third-party plugin that offered much greater functionality than we needed or used. The new login code is integral to DIVI which is the most widely used WordPress theme despite the cost.

Renewal date: Membership renewal is on a common date of 1 September.  After a short “period of grace” access to the members-only web site will be lost.

Some of the content in the members area is copied from our extensive library in the Peak District Lead Mining Museum at Matlock Bath (currently). The museum shop carries stocks of many past issues of Mining History as well as a large range of other publications.