Mining History – index

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Volume 1 Number 1 – December 1959
Editorial D. Price and M.E. Smith
Chairman’s Retiring Report William A.S. Sarjeant
Inaugural Meeting
Secretary’s Report
Mill Close Mine E. Brook
Water Grove Mine M.E. Smith
Lathkill Dale Mine J. Rieuwerts
Volume 1 Number 2 – May 1960
Editorial D. Price and M.E. Smith
Secretary’s Report
The Watergrove Mine M.E. Smith
The Merlin Mine, Eyam Dale J.H. Rieuwerts
J.W. Puttrell (1869 – 1939) A.E. Beet
With Speleologists in the Golconda J.W. Puttrell
Informal Excursion to the Ewden Valley Michael E. Smith
Excursion to Matlock Bath G.H. Workman
Ecton Mines and some Problems of Preservation J.H. Rieuwerts
Volume 1 Number 3 – October 1960
Secretary’s Report
Preservation Work at the Ecton Mines, Staffordshire
The Mines of Calver, Coombs Dale and Longstone Edge J.H. Rieuwerts
Recent Developments at the Mandale Mine, Lathkilldale D.R. Thornton
A Visit to the Great Barmote Court J.W. Puttrell
The Lead Mines and Soughs of Eyam Edge J.H. Rieuwerts
The Magpie Sough and Mine J. Matthews
Some Notes on a Thermal Spring Encountered in the Wragg Mine, Matlock Bath D. Toft and J.H. Rieuwerts
Mandale Mine Engine House, Lathkill Dale D. Price
The Small Penny Sough M.E. Smith
Some Terms used by the Lead Miners of Derbyshire, Part 1
Volume 1 Number 4 – May 1961
Secretary’s Report
Derbyshire Speleological Congress, 1960 J.A. Robey
A Short Survey of the Problem of Ore Genesis through the Ages D.P. Jefferson
Connections between the Pioneers of Civil Engineering and Mining Practice J.H. Rieuwerts
The Water Grove Chimney: an attempt that failed W.A.S. Sarjeant
The Drainage of the Victory and Burnt Heath Mines M.E. Smith
Discoveries at Ashley Hay Lead Mines near Wirksworth, Derbyshire A. Ankers
The Warm Springs of Matlock – an extract of a Paper by Thos. Short, M.D.
Comments on an Extract from a Paper by Thos. Short, M.D., 1733 W.A.S. Sarjeant
The Matlock Thermal Springs – some further Investigations J.H. Rieuwerts
Agricola and the History of the Derbyshire Mines T.D. Ford
Recollections of a Descent of the Cart Gate of the Odin Mine, Castleton H.E. Chatburn
The Development of Middleton Dale, Derbyshire D.P. Jefferson
A Report on a Preliminary Meeting of the Proposed Derbyshire Natural History Trust M.E. Smith and R.N. Tune
Glossary. Part 2
Volume 1 Number 5 – October 1961
Secretary’s Report
Recent Studies of Mineral Distribution in Derbyshire and their Significance T.D. Ford
Winster Sough Nellie Kirkham
The Mines North-West of Monyash, Derbyshire. Part 1: The Chapel Dale Mine and Level J.A. Robey
Description of the Famous Copper-Mine belonging to his Grace the Duke of Devonshire at Ecton-Hill in the County of Stafford W. Efford
The Old Coal Mines and Works of Ringinglow, Sheffield J. Matthews and D. Price
The Matlock Thermal Springs. Further Investigations 2 M. Woodward
Further Notes on “Croil” W.A.S. Sarjeant
Part 3 Glossary.
Volume 1 Number 6 – May 1962
Tearsal and Dalefield Soughs, Wensley Nellie Kirkham
Lead “Boom”
The Odin Mine, Castleton Michael E. Smith
The Seedlow Lead Mine, 1764 to 1771 Robert Thornhill
The Mines North West of Monyash, Derbyshire. Part 2: Ancient Mining in the Area John A. Robey
Dale Mine, North Staffordshire
Lindal Moor Iron Mines, Cumberland Michael R. Bell
Peakland Mining
Gypsum in Derbyshire William A.S. Sarjeant
Volume 1 Number 7 – October 1962
Long Cliff Mine, Castleton, Derbyshire Trevor D. Ford
Yatestoop Sough Nellie Kirkham
The Surface Remains on Dirtlow Rake Henry E. Chatburn
White Watson – Pioneer Derbyshire Geologist Trevor D. Ford
Extract from “General View of the Agriculture and Minerals of Derbyshire”, Volume 1 J. Farey
Volume 2 Number 1 – May 1963
The Transport of Lead: A Contribution to the Geography of Lead Mining Jeffrey Radley
Lathkilldale: Its Mines and Miners James H. Rieuwerts
Great Hucklow Mines Nellie Kirkham
Gypsum Working in South Derbyshire: Supplementary Notes William A.S. Sarjeant
The Mines North-West of Monyash. Part 3: The Whalf and Crimbo Soughs John A. Robey
Volume 2 Number 2 – October 1963
Polymorphous Calcium Carbonate Robert J. King
The Story of “Old Sal” the Passing of a Notable Sheffield Landmark E.S. Brook
Old Mill Close Mine, Derbyshire Nellie Kirkham
The Peak District in the Great Exhibition Trevor D. Ford
The North Side of Ashford Lordship, 1750 to 1850 – A General Survey A.E. Wiles
A Recent Exploration of Hillcarr Sough Margaret Oakley
Survey of the South Shropshire Lead Mining Area. Part 1: The Western Region D.R. Adams
Volume 2 Number 3 – May 1964
Survey of the South Shropshire Lead Mining Area. Part 2: The Eastern Region D.R. Adams
The Peak District Mineral Index Ford & Sarjeant
Discovery of a Cavern on Crosslow Rake, Foolow John A. Robey
Wheels Rake, Alport-by-Youlgreave Nellie Kirkham
Volume 2 Number 4 – October 1964
Notes on the High Rake Lead Mine, Windmill James H. Rieuwerts
The Black Marble Mines of Ashford-in-the-Water Trevor D. Ford
Gypsum in Nottinghamshire R.J. Firman
A General Survey of Present-day Mining in Derbyshire Ivor J. Brown
Whale Sough and Hubberdale Mine Nellie Kirkham
Hurdlo Steel Pipe, Castleton Trevor D. Ford
Volume 2 Number 5 – May 1965
Biographical Notes on the Authors of Books recording Derbyshire Lead Mining and Related Topics Faujas de St. Fond Trevor D. Ford
Eyam Edge Mines and Soughs: Part 1 Nellie Kirkham
The Mineral Wealth of Coalbrookdale: Part 1 Ivor J. Brown
Roman Lead Mining in Derbyshire David J. Bryden
Stafford’s Dream Nevil Gregory
Volume 2 Number 6 – December 1965
Record Breaking or Record Making?
The Kisdon Mining Company, Swaledale, Yorkshire. Part 1: Sir George’s Level Peter W. Crabtree
An Attempt to Mine China Clay in Derbyshire in the 18th. Century Trevor D. Ford
The Secular Variation of Magnetic North John A. Robey
Extract from Shrewsbury Chronicle: February 1st., 1839 Alan Ashwell
Eyam Edge Mines and Soughs: Part 2 Nellie Kirkham
A Visit to the Tri-State Lead Mining District, U.S.A. Trevor D. Ford
The Mineral Wealth of Coalbrookdale: Part 2 Ivor J. Brown
Volume 2 Index and Contents
Volume 3 Number 1 – July 1966
A List of the Soughs of the Derbyshire Lead Mines J.H. Rieuwerts
Eyam Edge Mines and Soughs: Part 3 Nellie Kirkham
Notes and Impressions of Jingler (or Rolley) Mine, Wakebridge, Crich Nevil Gregory
The Kisdon Mining Company, Swaledale, Yorkshire. Part 2: Myton Level Peter W. Crabtree
Biographical Notes of Authors on Derbyshire Trevor D. Ford
Lathkill Dale: Its Mines and Miners (Supplementary Notes) J.H. Rieuwerts
Volume 3 Number 2 – December 1966
The End of an Era Ivor J. Brown
Biographical Notes of Authors on Derbyshire: Gideon Algernon Mantell (1790-1852) David A.E. Spalding
Field Grove Mine, Sheldon, Derbyshire John A. Robey
Eyam Edge Mines and Soughs: Part 4 Nellie Kirkham
The Kisdon Mining Company, Swaledale, Yorkshire. Part 3: The Boundary of the Company and Guy’s Level Peter W. Crabtree
Supplementary Notes on the Mineral Wealth of Coalbrookdale Ivor J. Brown
Volume 3 Number 3 – May 1967
The Mining of Raddle in the Rotherham Area I.J. Brown & F.W. Cowdell
The Working of Rottenstone in Derbyshire Trevor D. Ford
The Kisdon Mining Company, Swaledale, Yorkshire. Part 4: The Kisdon Shaft and Alton’s Level Peter W. Crabtree
Anston Stone: The Stone for the Rebuilding of the Houses of Parliament, 1834-1852 J. Radley
Ball Eye Mine and Sough, Cromford Nellie Kirkham
Pyromorphite from the Mines of West Shropshire William A.S. Sarjeant
Whetstone Mining at Gillow Heath, near Biddulph, Staffordshire I.J. Brown and J.S. Wilson
The Formation of the Peak District Mines Historical Society William A.S. Sarjeant
Field Meeting at Castleton: Report of the Director. Held 4th December 1966.
Volume 3 Number 4 – December 1967
Oakenedge, Streaks and Watergrove Soughs Nellie Kirkham
Some Accounts of an 18th Century Lead Mining Agent in Great Longstone, 1766-1827 Robert Thornhill
The Kisdon Mining Company, Swaledale, Yorkshire. Part 5: Acre Walls Vein Peter W. Crabtree
A Visit to Stanhopeburn Mine, Weardale David T. Pollitt
Biographical Notes on Derbyshire Authors: Karl Philipp Moritz, 1756 to 1793 Trevor D. Ford
Field Meeting to Millers Dale: 21st. May 1967 Leader: J.A. Robey
Field Meeting to Snake Mine and Wester Hollow: 25th. June 1967 Leader: R.N. Tune
Ore Buddles at Snake Mine, Hopton and at Bonsall Leys N. Gregory and R.N. Tune
Volume 3 Number 5 – May 1968
Dr. Linden, William Hooson and North Welsh Mining in the mid-18th. Century J.N. Rhodes
Winster and 18th Century Lead Mining Lynn Willies
Water Icicle Close Mine, Monyash M.E. Smith
Watergrove Mine – A Supplementary Note Nellie Kirkham
Notes on the Caves of Anston Stones near Sheffield Ivor J. Brown
Snake Mine, Hoptonwood, Derbyshire Tune, Hurt and Ford
The Kisdon Mining Company, Swaledale, Yorkshire. Part 6: Morsgill Level, Alderson’s Vein and General Remarks Peter W. Crabtree
Index to the Mining Records in the Bagshaw Collection in the John Rylands Library, Manchester. Part 1: Documents 8/3/1-90 J. Lawson
Volume 3 Number 6 – October 1968
The Capping of Knotlow Engine Shaft H. Parker
Stone Edge Cupola C.J. Williams & L. Willies
Lead Mining Documents in the Derbyshire Record Office C.J. Williams
Soughs in Middleton Dale, Part 1 Nellie Kirkham
Derbyshire Influences on Lead Mining in North Wales in the 17th. and 18th. Centuries J.N. Rhodes
Index to the Mining Records in the Bagshaw Collection in the John Rylands Library, Manchester. Part 2: Documents 12/1/59-61 J. Lawson
The Kirkby Lead Mining Manuscript Collection J.H. Rieuwerts
Field Meeting in Cromford/Middleton area: 20th. August 1967 Leader: N. Gregory
A Report on Nestus Mine and other Shafts on theHeights of Abraham, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire L. Hurt
The Magpie Mine Engine House, Sheldon, Derbyshire, 1864 V.S. Roche
On Being Elected to the Grand Jury of the Barmote Court J.H. Rieuwerts
Volume 4 Number 1 – March 1969
The Quest for a Lost Lead Mine in Leicestershire R.J. King and B.A. Ludlam
A Manhole Cover for Snake Mine N. Gregory
Lead-Glazed Roman Pottery Found near Derby M. Brassington
The Lead Miner of Longstone Church R. Thornhill
Index to the Mining Records in the Bagshaw Collection in the John Rylands Library, Manchester. Part 3 J. Lawson
Early Mining Techniques in the Peak District J. Robey
Charles Henry Millington, 1878 to 1968: An Appreciation J. Rieuwerts
Mine Fatalities in the Derbyshire Metalliferous Mining Area, 1874-1939 inclusive Ivor J. Brown
A Survey of Mandale Mine, Lathkilldale R. Tune
Notes on the Derbyshire Map Surveyed and Produced by Peter Perez Burdett, 1762-1767 R.H. Bird
Discovery of an Unusual Lime Kiln at Hassop N. Gregory
The Derbyshire Barmote Courts Clarence Daniel
Cupola Lead Smelting Sites in Derbyshire, 1737 to 1900 Lynn Willies
Volume 4 Number 2 – December 1969
The Soughs of Derbyshire Lead Mines – Supplementary List J.H. Rieuwerts
Lead Mining in the Wirksworth District during the late 18th and early 19th Centuries F.S. Ottery
The Ecton Copper Mines in the Seventeenth Century J.A. Robey
Ecton Hill – A Study of the Surface Features Lindsey Porter
Settlingstones – the World’s Last Witherite Mine F. Brook
A Miner’s Porringer Found on Longstone Edge Clarence Daniel
A Note on the Price of Lead, 1730 to 1900 Lynn Willies
Volume 4 Number 3 – May 1970
Ecton Hill – Part 2 – Underground Lindsey Porter
Two Lead Smelting Mills in North Staffordshire J.A. Robey
P.D.M.H.S. Report of a Field Meeting held on Sunday 21st Sept. 1969, at Cromford Meadows, Derbyshire Nevil Gregory
A Report on the Crich Mining Display Nevil Gregory
Notes on the Sand Workings in the Doncaster Area Ivor J. Brown
Supplementary Notes on the Working of Raddle at Micklebring, Rotherham Ivor J. Brown
Some Archival Sources of Information on Mines Harry Pearman
Volume 4 Number 4 – December 1970
The Copper and Lead Mines of the Mixon Area, Staffordshire J.A. Robey and L. Porter
‘Hand Built’ for the Job – An Example of Early Metallurgical Craftsmanship S. Murphy
A Survey of Ball Eye Mines, Bonsall L. Hurt
Notes on the Western Elton Mining Field Richard H. Bird
The Mineral Fields of Derbyshire and Cornwall – A Brief Comparison Richard H. Bird
Magpie Mine and the Garlick Family, 1881 to 1930 Ivor J. Brown
Regional Geochemical Reconnaissance of the Derbyshire Area (Review) Lynn Willies
Volume 4 Number 5 – June 1971
The Preservation of Mining Remains in the Peak District: Report of Meeting P.E. Lunn
Copper Smelting in Derbyshire J.A. Robey
Two Mine Wagons from Alston Moor Peter Jackson
Richard Niness, Mineral Agent of Warslow in Staffordshire Lindsey Porter
Bamforth Hole, Stony Middleton M.E. Smith
A letter about Mill Close Mine in 1918 John Millwood
Some Adits in the Via Gellia A. Smith and T.D. Ford
The Introduction of the Cupola to Derbyshire Lynn Willies
Biographical Notes: Richard Watson, 1737 to 1816 Lynn Willies
Extracts from the Chesterfield Gazette in 1828 S.L. Garlic
Volume 4 Number 6 – December 1971
Some Recent Surface and Underground Observations at Magpie Mine N.J.D. Butcher
The Recovery of a Steam Engine from Putwell Hill Mine, Monsal Dale Steve Thompson
The Metalliferous Mines of the Weaver Hills, Staffordshire J.A. Robey and L. Porter
The Adit Workings on the North Side of the Via Gellia R.B. Flindall & A.J. Hayes
Some Notes on Underground Photography Axel Chatburn
Volume 5 Number 1 – April 1972
The Royledge and New York Copper Mines, Upper Elkstones, near Leek, Staffordshire L. Porter and J.A. Robey
Magpie Mine and the Bacon Family, 1930 to 1951 Ivor Brown
The Metalliferous Mines of the Weaver Hills, Staffordshire. Part 2: The Ribden Mines L. Porter and J.A. Robey
Gabriel Jars (1732 to 1769) and the Derbyshire Lead Industry Lynn Willies
Lead Smelting Sites at Beeley Moor, Barbrook and Stonedge: Report of Field Meeting Lynn Willies
Notes on the Lathkill Gold Mine, 1854 to 1856 W.R. Grigor-Taylor
Recollections of a Mill Close Lead Miner Richard Bird
Putwell Hill Lead Mine, Monsal Dale Richard Bird
A Survey of Good Luck Mine and Adjacent Levels in the Via Gellia R.B. Flindall & A.J. Hayes
Volume 5 Number 2 – October 1972
Biographical Notes on Derbyshire Authors: William Adam (1794? to 1873) and the “Gem of the Peak” Trevor D. Ford
Origins and History of Fire Setting P.J. Naylor
The Dale Mine, Manifold Valley, North Staffordshire: Part 1 L. Porter and J.A. Robey
Eyam Cottage Museum Project Clarence Daniel
Parys Mountain Copper Mine, Anglesey J.D. Weston
Wapping Mine and Cumberland Cavern, Matlock Bath R.B. Flindall & A.J. Hayes
Volume 5 Number 3 – May 1973
New Pumps for Old G. Kitchen and D. Penney
The Mines East of Hoptonwood Quarries, Via Gellia R.B. Flindall & A.J. Hayes
Supplementary Notes on the Lead Mines in the Monyash-Flagg Area of Derbyshire J.A. Robey
Folklore and Superstition in the Mines K.H. Johnson
Mixon Mine – Level in South Shaft Stuart Davis
The Dale Mine, Manifold Valley, North Staffordshire: Part 2 L. Porter and J. Robey
Crich Lot and Cope Notes by S.L. Garlic
Volume 5 Number 4 – October 1973
The Mines near Upperwood, Matlock Bath. Part 1: The Tear Breeches – Hopping – Fluor Spar – Speedwell Complex R.B. Flindall & A.J. Hayes
The Watergrove Pumping Engine of 1838 R.A. Haywood
Thoughts on Derbyshire Caves and Mines John Goldby
Goodluck Mine, Via Gellia R. Amner and P.J. Naylor
Volume 5 Number 5 – April 1974
An Ecological Survey of Mines in Cucklet Delph, Stoney Middleton Adrian J. Pearce
A Preliminary Survey of the Bincliff Lead Mines, Wetton, Staffordshire Pedrick & Chapman
A History of the Bincliff Lead Mines, Wetton L. Porter and J. Robey
The Dale Mine, Manifold Valley, North Staffordshire: Part 3 L. Porter and J. Robey
The Lords’ Cupola, Middleton Dale Lynn Willies
Lead Poisoning in the Derbyshire Lead Industry Lynn Willies
Preservation of Mining Relics – Notes for Guidance Strange, Naylor and Willies
Folksongs of the Peak District Miners – A Letter W.A.S. Sarjeant
Analysis of Membership of the Society P. Naylor
Lead Mining in Cromford Liberty, 1698 to 1714 Roger Flindall
Volume 5 Number 6 – October 1974
The Re-opening of the Magpie Sough Lynn Willies
Notes on Bravoite in Derbyshire Lunn, Rogers and Ixer
Recovery of the Second Steam Pumping Engine from Putwell Hill Mines, Monsal Dale R. Amner
Britain’s Mines and ManufacturiesBritain’s Mines and Manufacturies: Celia Fiennes’ Observations in 1697-8 J.A. Robey
A Survey of Maypit and Redsoil Mines, Sheldon Lynn Willies
A Sharpening Stone from a Level on Hassop Common John Picken
Biographical Notes: John Whitehurst, 1713 to 1788 T.D. Ford
Report on Shaft Capping on Masson Hill, Matlock, June 1974 Lynn Willies
A Survey of a Mine in Tearsall Rough, Wensley Roger Flindall
Index to Volume 5
Volume 6 Number 1 – May 1975
Holme Bank Chert Mine, Bakewell M. Critchley & P. Wilson
Songs of the Derbyshire Lead Miners Rob Kay
James Croston’s “On Foot through the Peak” Peter Naylor
The Lead Mines of South East Wales Mary and Gordon Tucker
Geology of the Blende Vein, Magpie Sough N.E. Worley
Brightside Mine, Hassop G. Fletcher and L. Willies
Preservation and Restoration Practices used in Goodluck Mine Ron Amner
Impressions of Visits to Parc Mine, North Wales W.G. Jones and L. Willies
Maypit and Redsoil Mines: Comment and Reply N. Kirkham & L. Willies
Volume 6 Number 2 – October 1975
The Washing of Lead Ore in Derbyshire during the Nineteenth Century Lynn Willies
The Geology of Magpie Sough and Mine N.J.D. Butcher
The Burgoyne Mines at Ecton in the Seventeenth Century J.A. Robey
A Survey of the Shafts of Bincliff, Oversetts and Highfields Mine, Wetton, Staffordshire M. Critchley & P. Wilson
Two Wooden Lead Ore Measuring Dishes Lynn Willies
Unusual Water-Powered Engines in the Isle of Man A.M. Gillings
Notes on some Early Techniques used in Derbyshire Lead Mining R. Flindall and A. Hayes
The Mines of Hassop Common John Pickin
Smallpenny Sough, Lathkill Dale John Pickin
Stanley Rowlands’ Recollections of Magpie Mine in 1924 Lynn Willies
A Gazetteer of Ironstone Mines in the East Midlands Ivor J. Brown
Two Roman Pigs of Lead found near Ashbourne Josephine Dool
Lead Mining in Ashover: A Preliminary Survey Stuart Band
Volume 6 Number 3 – April 1976
Review of Mining Potentialities in the Alston Block of the Northern Pennine Orefield P.R. Ineson
Lead Mining in Ashover: A Preliminary Survey (Part 2) Stuart Band
Comments on Unusual Water-Powered Engines in the Isle of Man David E. Bick
A Visit to Parc Mine, North Wales Lynn Willies
Mandale Forefield Shaft and Sough N.E. Worley and T.D. Ford
A Great Pig of Lead found at Colwick, Nottinghamshire A. McCormick & L. Willies
John Taylor in Derbyshire, 1839 to 1851 Lynn Willies
Snippets from the Derbyshire Times
Calcutta Pumping Engine, Swannington, Leicestershire
The Mineral Statistics and Derbyshire Mining R. Burt & M. Atkinson
Presentations at the Annual Dinner Harry Parker
The Pretoria and Greenfield Chert Mine, Bakewell, Derbyshire Ivor Brown
An Account of a Visit to Holme Bank Chert Mine, Bakewell, during 1892 Roger Flindall
Volume 6 Number 4 – September 1976
Odin Mine, Castleton, Derbyshire T.D. Ford & J.H. Rieuwerts
Volume 6 Number 5 – May 1977
Nickergrove Mine, Eyam, Derbyshire J.S. Beck and N.E. Worley
The Recovery of the Wills Founder Water Pressure Engine Lynn Willies
A Survey of Little Milldam Mine, Great Hucklow Martin F. Critchley
The Lathkill Miner J. Wood
Mississippi Valley Type Orefields in Britain N.E. Worley & T.D. Ford
Arran Barytes Mine, Glen Sannox, Isle of Arran R.P. Shaw
John Taylor in Derbyshire, 1839 to 1851: Part 2 Lynn Willies
Capital Formation in the Wirksworth Lead Mining Industry – 1700 to 1800 Robert Gould
Peak District Mine Names: A Preliminary Survey Peter Riley
Source Material for Metal-Mining History: The Druid Inn Papers at the National Library of Wales Mary Tucker
A Puzzle Painting
Calcutta Pumping Engine: A Correction
Volume 6 Number 6 – December 1977
The Barmoot Court, Wirksworth
The Castleton Field Meeting
The Geology of the Wills Founder Shaft, Winster Noel E. Worley
Mines of the Slingtor Wood Area, Cromford Flindall, Hayes & Rieuwerts
The Liberties of Grindlow and Foolow: Report of the Excursion of 7th. August 1977 D.A. Nash
Merry Tom Vein, Middleton-by-Wirksworth: A Supplementary Note Rogert Flindall
Gank Hole Mine, Lathkill Dale L.J. Riley
To Remove or Not to Remove Adrian Pearce
William Bray’s Sketch of a Tour into Derbyshire Peter J. Challis
Wind, Water and Steam Power on Derbyshire Lead Mines: A List Willies, Rieuwerts & Flindall
Index of Veins and Mines in Volume 6 Peter Naylor
Volume 7 Number 1 – May 1978
John Burton’s Mining Jug
Things to Do T.D. Ford
Review: The Wolley Manuscripts Lynn Willies
A Pennine Model for the Diagenetic Origin of Base-Metal Ore Deposits in Britain Robert Emblin
Capital Formation in the Wirksworth Lead Mining Industry: Part 2 Robert Gould
The Activities of the London Lead Companies in Wirksworth: A Brief Summary Robert Gould
The Geology and Exploration of the Hubberdale Mines, Taddington Worley, Worthington & Riley
The Inquisition or Quo Warrento of 1288 J.H. Rieuwerts
The Ballad of the Great Barmote Court
Volume 7 Number 2 – October 1978
The Exploration of Wills Founder Mine, Winster Derek Heald
Anecdotes on Mill Close Mine D.A. Nash
Two Cardiganshire Lead Mines: Caegynon and Rheidol United R. Shaw & M. Critchley
Hubberdale Mine and Associated Veins: 1836 to 1848 D.A. Nash
A Visit to “Blobber” Mine, Wirksworth, in the 1920’s Robert Gould
The Ashbourne Inquisition of 1288: A Reply Adrian Henstock (Additional Comments by Jim Rieuwerts)
The Extravaganza or Introductory Weekend: 29th. April to 1st May 1978 Adrian Pearce
The Caves, Mines and Soughs of the Wardlow Basin and Cressbrook Dale John S. Beck
Volume 7 Number 3 – March 1979
Technical Development in Derbyshire Lead Mining, 1700 to 1880 L. Willies
The Extent of Belland Ground adjacent to Tideslow and Maiden Rakes Bayliss, Ineson & Rorison
The Winster Earth Tremors N.E. Worley and D. Nash
Review of “Industrial Geology” edited by J.L. Knill T.D. Ford
The Engines at Mill Close Mine: 1920 to 1939 P. Naylor
The Coal Mines of the Flockton Area near Horbury, West Yorkshire: Report of Field Meeting, 9th. April, 1978 I. Brown and J. Goodchild
The Warl Gate Extension in Goodluck Mine, Via Gellia, Derbyshire C. Bull
Volume 7 Number 4 – October 1979
A Geological Outline of the Ecton Copper Mines, Staffordshire M.F. Critchley
Exploring Underground History the Easy Way: Using Modern Methods to find Ancient Engine H.M. Parker
CCTV Inspection of Yatestoop Mine Shaft P.J. Challis
Miss Nellie Kirkham (Mrs. J.H.D. Myatt): An Obituary D. Nash
The Recovery of the Pumps from Wills Founder Shaft, Winster L. Riley and L. Willies
The Clay Vein Extension in Goodluck Mine, Via Gellia, Cromford, Derbyshire C. Bull
An Attempt to Save the Snailbeach Mining Area from Land Reclamation Shropshire Caving and Mining Club
Meets Report: West Yorkshire Collieries, 29th. April 1979 I. Brown and J. Goodchild
Mining Remains in the Isle of Man A. Pearce and G. Rose
Volume 7 Number 5 – Spring 1980
The Artifical Drainage of the Wirksworth-Cromford Area Colin D. Oakman
The Earliest Lead-Mine Soughs in Derbyshire J.H. Rieuwerts
Volume 7 Number 6 – Autumn 1980
Mineralisation within the Igneous Rocks of the South Pennine Orefield S.G. Walters and P.R. Ineson
A Wirksworth Mine Agent’s Letter G. Darnborough
Clear-the-Way or Black Hillock Mine, Tideslow Moor S.G. Walters
An Account of a Visit by John Rennie to Peak Cavern R.B. Matkin
Snake Mine: Some Recent Findings A.J. Pearce
A Note on the Anglo-Saxon Lead Industry of the Peak Martin Daniel
A Survey and the Geology of Putwell Hill Mine, Monsal Dale R.P. Shaw
Memoranda Concerning the Broadmeadow and Wheels Rake Mines, Alport Michael Brooke-Taylor
The Geology of Hallicar Wood Adit, Via Gellia S.G. Walters and P.R. Ineson
Index of Mines and Related Places in Volume 7 Peter Naylor
Volume 8 Number 1 – Summer 1981
The Drainage of the Alport Mining Field J.H. Rieuwerts
The Eardiston Copper Mine, Shropshire Chris. J. Carlon
Recollections of a Laxey Mine Bobby Kelly & A. Gillings
Exploration of Fritchley Sough and Old End Mine, Crich Dave Warriner
Sir Hugh Myddelton: The First Mines Adventurer Peter Naylor
Harold Sarjeant (1906 to 1980) W.A.S. Sarjeant
Volume 8 Number 2 – Autumn 1981
Ringing Rake and Masson Soughs and the Mines on the East Side of Masson Hill, Matlock D. Warriner, L.M. Willies and R. Flindall
A Survey of the Masson Cave-cum-Mine Complex, Matlock R. Flindall, J. Swain and A. Hayes
The Development of Mining and Drainage in the Wensley, Winster and Elton Areas J.H. Rieuwerts
Volume 8 Number 3 – Summer 1982
Ratchwood Founder Shaft, Wirksworth D. Warriner and N. Birkett
John Fairbairn: Stationer and Mining Entrepreneur Lynn Willies
The Origin of the Barmote Court System: A New Theory Martin Daniel
The Early Lead Industry and the Ancient Demesne of the Peak Martin Daniel
The Mawstone Mine Tragedy of 1932 Peter Naylor
Mawstone Mine, Youlgreave L. Hurt
Mining History in the Making Ivor Brown
A Few Notes on the Jingler Site, Wakebridge, Crich A.E. Dixon
Bwlch Glas Lead Mine, Cardiganshire R.P. Shaw
Belland Ground in the South Pennines: Causes and Alleviations P.R. Ineson
Volume 8 Number 4 – Winter 1982
An Historical Account of Middlepeak Mine and the Northern Part of Ratchwood Title, Wirksworth R. Flindall
Watts Shaft Engine House, Old Millclose Mine John Pickin
Examination and Survey of Bage Mine D. Warriner
Mineralogy of Bage Mine John Jones
Ancient Mining in the Udaipur District of Rajasthan, India Lynn Willies
Volume 8 Number 5 – Summer 1983
The Steam Engines of Gregory Mine, Ashover Stuart Band
Pilkington’s Cavern, Castleton Richard Shaw
The Slack Family: Brassington Lead Miners R. Slack
Cromford Sough and the Early Use of Gunpowder J.H. Rieuwerts
Volume 8 Number 6 – Winter 1983
The Barker Family and Wyatt Lead Mining Businesses: 1730 to 1875 Lynn Willies
Evolution of the South Pennine Orefield: 1. Regional Distribution of the Major Non-Metallic Minerals Mohammed A. Mostaghel
Exploration and Survey of Great Laxey Mine, Isle of Man D. Warriner and A. Gillings
Photographs of Cromford Sough
Index of Mines in Volume 8 P. Naylor
Volume 9 Number 1 – Summer 1984
The History and Workings of the Nenthead Mines, Cumbria Martin F. Critchley
Volume 9 Number 2 – Winter 1984
Derbyshire Lead Mining and Early Geological Concepts J.H. Rieuwerts
Evolution of the South Pennine Orefield: 2. Mineral Associations M.A. Mostaghel
Mouldridge Mine, Pikehall, Derbyshire Pearce, Ludditt, Straw et al.
The Pumps at Mill Close Mine Peter Naylor
Two Old Miners Peter Naylor
Volume 9 Number 3 – Summer 1985
The Mining History of the Speedwell Mine or Oakden Level, Castleton, Derbyshire .H. Rieuwerts & T.D. Ford
Peakshole Sough, Castleton D. Penney
Brassington Mining, 1792 to 1826 R. Slack
Jacob Momma and the Ecton Copper Mines J. Morton and J.A. Robey
A Trial Excavation on High Tor Rake, Matlock J. Pickin
Letter from the Miners’ Friend S.L. Garlic
Volume 9 Number 4 – Winter 1985
A History of Mining on Sark and Herm, Channel Islands N. d’A Laffoley
Recollections of Mill Close Mine, South Darley, near Matlock H. Woodhouse
Eighteenth Century Lead Ingots from the Hollandia Lynn Willies
Volume 9 Number 5 – Summer 1986
Prosperity and Decline in Derbyshire Lead Mining Lynn Willies
The Washing Floor at Killhope Lead Mine, Co. Durham: An Interim Report David Cranstone
The Great Laxey Winding Engine, Great Laxey Mine, Isle of Man David Hollis
Brittania or Snowdon Mine Colman & d’A Laffoley
Volume 9 Number 6 – Winter 1986
Mineralisation and Stress History in North Derbyshire David Quirk
Cwm Bychan or Nantmor Mine, North Wales N. d’A Laffoley & A.J. Rex
Kent Hill Gravel Mine and Quarry, Audley, Staffordshire Terry Middleton
A Survey of Beech Cave, Staffordshire Terry Middleton
Some British Ideas about Ore Genesis from Hooke to Whitehurst, 1688 to 1786 R.J. Firman
Index to Volume 9 Peter Naylor
Volume 10 Number 1 – Summer 1987
Hopping Mine, Upperwood, Matlock Bath Peter J. Naylor
John Burton of Bonsall, Derbyshire and Iowa, U.S.A., 1795 to 1854 Peter J. Naylor
Great Rake Mine in the 1920’s: Recalled by Joe Gould R. Slack
Further Comments about Great Laxey Winding Engine David Hollis
A Personal Memoir of Millclose Mine in 1939 J. Foster-Smith
Ringing Rake, Old Jant Mine and Gentlewomen’s Pipes and the Genesis of the Masson Deposits, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire David G. Quirk
John Allen, Miner, on Board H.M.S. Investigator, 1801 to 1804 Stuart R. Band
Barber Fields Coal Drift Workings, Ringinglow, Sheffield J. Matthews and A. Crocker
Volume 10 Number 2 – Winter 1987
Ancient Zinc-Lead-Silver Mining in Rajasthan, India: Interim Report Lynn Willies
Dane Bower Colliery, Wildboarclough, Cheshire David Williams
The Building of the Laxey Wheel Andrew Scarffe
Volume 10 Number 3 – Summer 1988
The Barmote Court at Wirksworth, 20th. April, 1988 Michael Cockerton
The Working of the Derbyshire Lead Mining Customs in the 18th. and 19th. Centuries Lynn Willies
Evidence of Prehistoric Mining on Copa Hill, Cwmystwyth Simon Timberlake
Stone Hammers and Fire-Setting: A Preliminary Experiment at Cwmystwyth Mine, Dyfed J. Pickin & S. Timberlake
The Cliffs: Quarry and Caves, Little Haywood, Staffordshire Terry Middleton
Mining and Tourism in California Ivor J. Brown
Providence Mine, The Kursall and the 1981 Derbyshire Act Lynn Willies
Volume 10 Number 4 – Winter 1987
This Edition of the Bulletin comprises the Papers presented at the First International Mining Law History Conference held at the Peak District Mining Museum on the 28th and 29th of May 1988, to celebrate the 700th Anniversary of the Quo Warrento or Inquisition of Ashbourne, held in 1288.
Opening Remarks by the Chairman J.H. Rieuwerts
Thoughts on Mining Law History T.D. Ford
Roman Mining Law David Elkington
The History of Customary Mining Law at Grassington in Yorkshire M.C. Gill
A Survey of Lead Mining in Wirksworth Wapentake in 1650 R. Slack
Stannary Law R. Pennington
The Quo Warrento – A New Translation David Gordon
The First German Mining Laws and the Archaeological Evidence Gerd Weisgerber
Notes on the Development of Modern Mining Legislation Ivor J. Brown
The Mining Ordinances of New Spain: A Study in Colonial Administration of the Mining Industry John C. Lacy
Mining District Rules: Popular Law Making in the American Frontier Stanley Dempsey
The “Extralateral” Right in the United States Don Sherwood
Volume 10 Number 5 – Summer 1989
Voyage Metallurgique en Angleterre Hazel Martell & Mike Gill
Evidence of Ancient Copper Mining at Engine Vein, Alderley Edge David Gale
Prehistoric Mining Hammers from Bradda Head, Isle of Man J. Pickin & T. Worthington
Calver Mill Lynn Willies
The Economics of Lead Mining in 16th. and 17th. Century Brassington R. Slack
A Grooved Stone Hammer from Alderley Edge Lynn and Sheelagh Willies
The Search for Iron, Lead and Gold in Douglas Bay, Isle of Man: Old Mining Trials and New Insights into the Geology David B. Hollis
Mining and Tourism in Arizona Ivor J. Brown
Extralateral Rights and the Derbyshire Customs L. Willies & D. Sherwood
Volume 10 Number 6 – Winter 1989
The Comparative Archaeology of Tin and Lead Dressing in Britain during the Nineteenth Century M. Palmer & P. Neverson
Letter to the Editor – Calver Mill Nick Laffoley
Letter to the Editor – Extra-Lateral Rights and the Derbyshire Diffusionists Mike Gill
Letter to the Editor – Quo Warrento David Gordon
The World Museum of Mining, Butte, Montana Lynn Willies
The Hafod-y-Porth Copper Mine J.L. Agnew
Index to Volume 10 David Williams
Volume 11 Number 1 – Summer 1990
Derbyshire Lead Smelting in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Lynn Willies
Letter to the Editor – Diffusion and Determinism Lynn Willies
Letter to the Editor – Iron, Lead, and Gold in Douglas Bay Nick Laffoley
Pyromorphite: A Secondary Lead Mineral Cotter-Howells & Giddens
Exploration of Cromford Moor Mine, Steeplegrange, Wirksworth Andrew Porter
Three Eighteenth Century Mining Disputes at Grassington, Yorkshire Mike Gill
Bell Hole – The History and Geology of a Small Lead Mine near Foxdale, I.o.M. David B. Hollis
The Mines at Campiglia Marittima, Livorno, Italy Lynn Willies
Mining and Tourism in Colorado, USA Ivor J. Brown
Volume 11 Number 2 – Winter 1990
The Operation of the Trevithick Wills Founder Water Pressure Engine A.G. Dixon
Analysis of Lead from a Romano-British Coffin Keith Gregory
Horsebuttocks and Winster Pitts Mines, Winster D. Penney and E.M. Dixon
Derbyshire Miners in Sussex A.J. Pearce
Loss to Eyam’s Mining Heritage Douglas Nash
Burgam: Shropshire’s Last Working Metal Mine Ivor J. Brown
Shipping the Great Laxey Ores Andrew Scarffe
An Early Bronze Age Tin Mine in Anatolia, Turkey Lynn Willies
The Industrial Archaeology of the Rio Tinto and the Iberian Pyrite Belt James A. Thorburn
Volume 11 Number 3 – Summer 1991
Ancient Mining at Wadi Amram, Israel Lynn Willies
Long Garth – A Little Known Copper Mine in the Lake District Rolf von Arx
Leslie Owen Ford (1913-1990) William A.S. Sarjeant
Forty Years Ago
An Early Barmote Court Dispute and some Facts Relating to Flots, Floats, Flats and Pipes J.H. Rieuwerts
A Lead Horse Moulding Found in a Mine Trevor D. Ford
Further Observations on the Trevithick Water Pressure Engine, with comments on the New Museum Model Frank Peel
Schram’s Rock Boring and Air Compressing Machinery S.L. Garlic
Fluorspar Mining in Derbyshire J.V. Bramley
Clay Mining in the Holymoorside Area of Chesterfield R.A. Marsh
Volume 11 Number 4 – Winter 1991
Firesetting at Hope Mine, but where is it? Ford, Paulson and Willies
Gypsum Working in the Parish of Orston, Notts. Paul Barnes & R.J. Firman
Life in a Small Mining Community, 1944-54 Ivor J. Brown
Mining in North Devon Prior to 1800 Peter Claughton
The British Mines Inspectorate: The Early Years Barry Job
Lead Mining in Spain in the Nineteenth Century: Spanish Industry or British Adventure? Steve Fletcher
Gentlemen Barmasters: A Seventeenth Century Mining Dynasty Ronald Slack
Horsecroft Shaft, Winster Tony Wood & D. Warriner
The AD Lead Mines in Swaledale, Yorkshire M.C. Gill
A Visit to the Kolar Gold Field, India Lynn Willies
Volume 11 Number 5 – Summer 1992
Management and Workers at Miners Engine Mine, Eyam, in the mid-Eighteenth Century Lynn Willies
The Mines Inspectors and the Accidents at Glasshouse Common Ironstone Mine, 1865, and Baddesley Colliery, 1882. Barry Job
Eric Fisher of Winster: Obituary
Ancient Mining Customs used in England Today F.E. Gregory
Report on the 1991 Archaeological Survey of Kestel Tin Mine, Turkey Lynn Willies
Letter to the Editor – A.D. Lead Mines, Swaledale Michael C. Gill
Letter to the Editor – Hope Mine, Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan Alan R. Williams
Letter to the Editor – Twenty Thousand Miners can’t be Wrong David Kiernan
Years of Hope for a Shropshire Mine and a Young Miner Ivor J. Brown
Gazetteer of Tin and Lead Ore Dressing Sites in Britain M. Palmer & P. Neaverson
The Largest Blue John Vases ever made Trevor D. Ford
Volume 11 Number 6 – Winter 1992
The Early Life and Geological Work of John Mawe (1766-1829) and a note on his travels in Brazil Hugh S. Torrens
Free Miners or Wage Slaves? The Miners of the Wirksworth Area in the 1650s R. Slack
Mines and Boundary Stones at Carsington Pasture R. Slack
The Chartermaster System of Mine Management in Shropshire Ivor J. Brown
An Hitherto Unknown Account of a late 18th. Century visit to the Speedwell Mine at Castleton by James Plumtre Trevor D. Ford
Postscript to the Largest Blue John Vases ever made Trevor D. Ford
Letter to the Editor: Twenty Thousand Miners can’t be wrong, but Dr. Kiernan can Roger Burt
Letter to the Editor: Proto-mania David Kiernan
Ancient and Post-Medieval Mining Sites in the Khetri Copper Belt and Kolar Gold Field, India Lynn Willies
Lead Smelting in Welsh Furnaces at Pontesford, Shropshire Hazel Martell & M.C. Gill
The Inundation of the Spitalwell Ironstone Mine, Chesterfield, 1864 David Williams
Index to Volume 11 David Williams
Volume 12 Number 1 – Summer 1993
Minerals of the Peak District.
A joint publication of Rockbottom Publications and the Peak District Mines Historical Society forming issue 13 of the UK Journal of Mines and Minerals and Vol. 12 No. 1 of the Bulletin of the Peak District Mines Historical Society.
Origin of the Peak District Orefield D.G. Quirk
Minerals of the Peak District of Derbyshire Ford, Sarjeant and Smith
Volume 12 Number 2 – Winter 1993
Stamp Mills at the Ashanti Mine, Ghana N. Laffoley & C. Laidler
Mining on Sark – The French Connection Nick Laffoley
An Agreement to Mine Copper in Jersey Nick Laffoley
The Medieval Silver-Lead Miner Peter Claughton
Lead Mines and Trials in Glen Auldyn, Isle of Man M. Dobson and D.B. Hollis
Trouble and Strife: The Wirksworth Lead Industry in the mid-17th. Century R. Slack
Bole Hill, Sheldon: Evidence of Ironmaking D.V. Quayle
The Buildings and Equipment used at Pennerley Mine, Shropshire, in the late 19th Century Ivor J. Brown
Elias Pedley, a Castleton Lead Miner and his Contribution in Early Geological Thought J.H. Rieuwerts
Description of a Shaft and Workings at Mooresfield, Winster G. Hardy
Mining Relics around Crich in the 1960s William A.S. Sarjeant
Volume 12 Number 3 – Summer 1994
Mining Before Powder: Papers presented at the Georgius Agricola 500th Anniversary Conference held at Charlotte Mason College, Ambleside, Cumbria, on 25-27th March 1994. Organised jointly by the Peak District Mines Historical Society and the Historical Metallurgy Society.
Edited by Trevor D. Ford and Lynn Willies.
Foreword by Conference Organisers D. Cranstone and L. Willies
Firesetting Technology Lynn Willies
Drawing Ancient Mines Brenda Craddock
Excavating Mines (Copa Hill, Chinflon, Kestel) Phil Andrews
Neolithic Mining Landscape at Cissbury, Sussex David Field
Hammer Stones from Ecton Copper Mine Graeme Guilbert
Notes on Stone Hammers Brenda Craddock
Bronze Age Mines of the Great Orme Andrew Lewis
Early Mining Leats and Ponds in Wales David Bick
Dolaucothi Revisited Barry C. Burnham
Hushing Leats at Cwmystwyth Stephen Hughes
Silver-Lead: Technological Choice in the Devon Mines Peter Claughton
Lead Mining in the Peak in the 13th. Century James H. Rieuwerts
Mining Laws of Flintshire and Denbighshire Christopher J. Williams
Mining without Laws: Weardale under the Moormasters Alan Blackburn
Tin Stamping and Smelting at Upper Merrivale, Devon Tom Greeves
15th. Century Mining: The Kuttenberger Kanzionale Trevor D. Ford
The First Half-Century of the Rod Engine (c1540-1600) Graham Hollister-Short
Tudor Miners of Coleorton, Leicestershire Robert F. Hartley
The Dovegang Plot: Legal Preliminaries to Vermuyden’s Sough Ron Slack
The German Miners at Keswick and the Question of Bismuth David Bridge
Coniston Field Visit Ian Matheson
Copper Metallurgy at Keswick, 1567-1602 Richard Smith
Coalmills in Tyne and Wear: Waterwheels for Mine Drainage Eric Clavering
Evidence for Early Mining in Wales Simon Timberlake
Early Surface Features of Mining: Towards a Typology David Cranstone
The Introduction of Powder Graham Hollister-Short
Volume 12 Number 4. – Winter 1994
The Sand Mines of Nottingham Tony Waltham
Smelting Mills in the Upper Dove Valley John A. Robey
More on the Ecton Hammer-Stones Graeme Guilbert
Preservation of Colliery Engines and Headframes Ivor J. Brown
The Throstle Nest Datestone R. Slack
Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk, Bart. A “Carping Maintainer” and his Derbyshire Agents Lynn Willies
The Newnam Hearth Furnace Alan Mutter
William Smith’s Explanation of the Colliers’ Dial J.G.C.M. Fuller
Sir Francis Then and Now Harry M. Parker
An Eighteenth Century Red Lead Production Record David G. Edwards
The Early History of Stoke Sough and Magclough Sough, 1724 to 1738 J.H. Rieuwerts
Volume 12 Number 5. – Summer 1995
Kestel Tin Mine, Turkey: Interim Report 1995 Lynn Willies
The British Society of Mining Students 1876 – 1910 Ivor J. Brown
Lead into Gold: The Alchemist’s Dream Bert Webster
Features on Carsington Pasture Lynn Willies
Back O’Th’Edge or Ritheing Lake Mine and May Sough J.H. Rieuwerts
Snailbeach Mine and the Disaster of 1895 Ivor J. Brown
A Visit to Millclose Mine in 1934 F.C. Ferguson
Long Rake Spar Mine, Youlgreave R.P. Shaw
Not-So-Old Mining History: Long Rake Spar Mine W.A.S. Sarjeant
Volume 12 Number 6. – Winter 1995
Early Gold Mining in Japan: The Sado Scrolls T.D. Ford and I.J. Brown
The Underground Limestone Workings at Ironbridge Ivor J. Brown
Winster and the Mill Close Mine Strikes, 1917-19 Lynn Willies
Letters to the Editor Roger Flindall; Ron Slack; M. Howard
A Description of Blackwell “A” Winning Colliery, Alfreton, Derbyshire in 1933 F.H. Baker
The Ashford Black Marble Works and Cavendish Patronage Trevor Brighton
Greensward Mine and its Pumps, Monyash, Derbyshire R. Buckley and M. Howard
Index to Volume 12 (1992-1995) David Williams
Volume 13 Number 1 – Summer 1996
Editorial: Mining History
Pleasley Pit, 1871-1983: Coalfield and Heritage Regeneration Project L. Willies & R. Metcalfe
The use of Firesetting in the Granite Quarries of South India Paul T. Craddock
The Oldest Artefact of Lead in the Peak: New Evidence from Mam Tor Graeme Guilbert
The History, Productivity and Mineralogy of Snelston Mine, Ashbourne, Derbyshire Philip S. Jackman
The Lea Lead Smelter in 1936 F.H. Baker
One Fourth the Whole of Virginia Lynn Willies
The Pithead Baths at Kemberton Colliery Ivor J. Brown
A Cast Iron Hand Pump in Winster Sough L. Willies, J. Wilmot and T. Wood
Millclose Mine Strikes – Postscript Lynn Willies
John Gell and the Miners: Legal struggles over Tithes of Lead Ore in Early 17th. Century Derbyshire Ron Slack
An Ashover Lead Mining Tithe Dispute of the 17th. Century S.R. Band
Modern Stone Tools Terry Worthington and Brenda Craddock
Letter to the Editor: “B” Winning Coke Ovens David G. Edwards
Volume 13 Number 2 – Winter 1996
The Archaeology of Mining and Metallurgy in South-West Britain. Papers presented at the conference held at Seale-Hayne College, Newton Abbot, Devon, on the 12th. to 14th April, 1996, organised jointly by the Peak District Mines Historical Society and the Historical Metallurgy Society.
Conference Organiser and Editor: Philip Newman.
The Quarried Face: Evidence from Dorset’s Cliffstone Quarries Peter Stanier
Iron Ropes for the Cornish Mines John E. Morgan
The Collieries of North Somerset Shane Gould
Ironworking in the Blackdown Hills: Results of a Recent Survey F. Griffith & P. Weddell
The Lumburn Leat – Evidence for new Pumping Technology at Bere Ferrers in the 15th. Century Peter Claughton
The De Lank Granite Quarry Peter Stanier
Ancient Mining on Mendip, Somerset: A Preliminary Report on Recent Work Malcolm Todd
The Beginnings of Metallurgy in South-West Britain: Hypotheses and Evidence Brenda & Paul T. Craddock
Mapping the Mines and Streamworks of Bodmin Moor Peter Herring
The Early South-West Tin Industry: An Archaeological View Sandy Gerrard
Tin Smelting in Devon in the 18th. and 19th. Centuries Tom Greeves
An Analysis of the Processes for Smelting Tin Richard Smith
The Conservation and Management of the Industrial Landscape within Dartmoor National Park Deborah Griffiths
The Copper Slag Blocks of Hayle, Cornwall: Remains of the late 18th Century Industry John Ferguson
A Survey of Engine Houses on the Mines of South Devon R.W. & R.D. Nance
Engine Houses in South-West Britain Kenneth Brown
Investigation and Management of Industrial Sites within Exmoor National Park Veryan Heal
Safety, Presentation and Management of Disused Mines Adam Sharpe
Recording the Iron Mines of Exmoor Robert Wilson-North
Recording the Tinworks of Dartmoor Forest Philip Newman
Tin Ingots from Bigbury Bay, South Devon Aileen Fox
Digging Back in Time: An Adit Clearance Project at Polgooth, Cornwall K.D. Russ & R.F. Moreton
Quarr Houses on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset Jill Phillips
Kelly Mine: The First Ten Years Peter Roberts
Volume 13 Number 3 – Summer 1997
Roman Mining at Rio Tinto, Huelva, Spain. Appendix: The 1981 Archaeological Survey at Rio Tinto Lynn Willies
The Origins of the Peak District Mines Historical Society. Dedicated to the Memory of Michael Eric Smith (1941-96) J.H. Rieuwerts
Michael Eric Smith (1941 to 1996) Reminiscences of a Friendship W.A.S. Sarjeant
The Search for the Coalbrookdale Coalfield’s last Horse Gin Ivor J. Brown
Low Technology Zinc Mining in the South West of China Paul Craddock
Mystery Photograph
Surface Remains of the New Venture Lead Mine, Bradwell Moor, Derbyshire Chris Heathcote
The Connection of James Hall’s Over Engine Mine to Peak and Speedwell Cavern D.A. Nixon & D. Warriner
Sir John Gell and the Derbyshire Lead Industry during the Civil War R. Slack
Pyrite Mining and Sulphur Production at Xingwen, China Tony Waltham
Volume 13 Number 4 – Winter 1997
Ironstone Mining in Derbyshire Lynn Willies
Underground Canals in Shropshire Mines Ivor J. Brown
Pre-European Gold Mining at Ashanti N. Laffoley & C. Laidler
Early Use of Gunpowder in the Peak District: Stone Quarry Mine and Dutchman’s Level, Ecton John Barnatt, Jim Rieuwerts and Garth Thomas
Relief Carvings at Hallein in the Carolino Augusteum Museum, Salzburg, Austria Othmar Schauberger
Letter to the Editor: Mystery Photograph Mark Higginson
Surface Remains of the New Venture Lead Mine, Bradwell Moor, Derbyshire (Part 2) Chris Heathcote
Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Pits in 1842 Lynn Willies
Mine Drainage and Water Resources Roger James
Volume 13 Number 5 – Summer 1998
Hard Times: A History of the Derbyshire Chert Industry G. Bowering & R. Flindall
Research and Excavation at a Tin Stamping Site, Cupboard Hill, United Downs, Cornwall Anna L. Jones & L. Willies
Letter to the Editor: Ashanti Mining David Tew
The Upper Nestus Pipes. An Ancient Lead Mine in the Peak District of Derbyshire J. Barnatt & J. Rieuwerts
A Survey of Surface Features at Fool’s Venture Mine, Bonsall Leys, Derbyshire Adam Brossler
Prehistoric Mining at Ecton, Staffordshire: A Dated Antler Tool and its Context J. Barnatt & G. Thomas
Ironstone Working in the Coalbrookdale Coalfield, Shropshire Ivor J. Brown
Observations on “Ironstone Mining in Derbyshire” David Williams
Volume 13 Number 6 – Winter 1998
Early Gunpowder Work in Longe or Cromford Sough, Derbyshire, 1662-1663 and 1676-1680 J.H. Rieuwerts
Primitive Mining Tools from Temberlini, near Syama, Mali, West Africa Nick Laffoley
Case History: Aspects of the late 17th. Century Lead Industry in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, Revealed in the Courts R. Slack
Oil and Mining Museums in Texas Ivor J. Brown
Notes on a Spanish Mining Museum at La Union Trevor D. Ford
Ford Mine, near Grindon, North Staffordshire L. Porter & L. Kirkham
Surface Remains of the New Venture Lead Mine, Bradwell Moor, Derbyshire – Part 3 Chris Heathcote
James Watt’s Steam Engine for the Leadhills Mines Richard L. Hills
A Brief Guide to Flotation Technology James Shelley
Early Gold Mining in Japan: More Sado Scrolls T.D. Ford & I.J. Brown
Ore Dressing in the Manifold Valley, Staffordshire L. Porter & L. Kirkham
Washing Floors at Winster Pitts, Derbyshire Lynn Willies
Index to Volume 13 David Williams
Volume 14 Number 1 – Summer 1999
The Dudley Limestone Mines. Author: Steve Powell.
Published jointly by PDMHS and the Shropshire Mining and Caving Club.
Geology of the Dudley and Sedgley Area
History of Limestone Extraction
The Mines
Dudley Caverns and the Castle Fetes
Historical Visits to the Dudley Mines
East Castle Mine Infilling Project
Recent Exploration
Surface Remains
References, Sources and Acknowledgements
Volume 14 Number 2 – Winter 1999
Davis Derby – A History of Engineering David J. Hind
The Later Gells and the Decline of the Lead Trade Ron Slack
Stone Hammers from the Ecton Mines in the Bateman Collection, Sheffield John Pickin
Prehistoric and Roman Mining in the Peak District: Present Knowledge and Future Research John Barnatt
Derbyshire Lead Mining in the 18th and 19th Centuries Lynn Willies
20th Century Lead Mining – Mill Close Mine Keith Gregory
Walter Sylvester – Potteries Inventor and his Famous Invention: The Sylvester Barry Job
Tunnel Lining at Rio Tinto: Methods used at Las Minas de Rio Tinto, in Spain, 1954 A.A.C. Brewin
Horsebuttock, Shack, Little, Drake and Pitts Mines, Winster D. Penney and E.M. Dixon
The Newgate Prison and Simsbury Copper Mine, East Granby, Connecticut Lynn and Sheelagh Willies
Jack Beck and Masson Hill: Tribute to a Man and a Mountain Neville Gregory
Mining Scenes Engraved on a Glass Vase Trevor D. Ford
Letters to the Editor M.L. Howard & Ron Slack
‘T’Owd Mon Wor from Bonsor’: The Origins of the Medieval Miner’s Effigy in Wirksworth Church Adrian Henstock
Volume 14 Number 3 – Summer 2000
Frontispiece — the Old Millclose System
Colour Photo Supplement P. Deakin & D.J. Warriner
Old Mill Close Mine and Sough: Exploration Report D.J. Warriner
Processing Surveying Data from Old Mill Close Mine K.D. Russ and J.D. Eyre
Survey of Yatestoop Sough D.J. Warriner
Geological Setting of the Old Mill Close Mine, Wensley Trevor D. Ford
The History of Old Mill Close Mine, Wensley J.H. Rieuwerts
Volume 14 Number 4 – Winter 2000
Geology of Ecton and other North-East Staffordshire Mines Trevor D. Ford
Mount Wellington Mine, Gwennap, Cornwall Justin Brooke
“Treasure of the World, King of the Mountains, Envy of Kings”: The Imperial Spanish Silver Mines of Potosi, Bolivia Simon Timberlake
Letters to the Editor Mike Wallerstein, Peter and Julie Mohr
Review: Exploration of Metalliferous and Related Minerals in Britain: A Guide Trevor D. Ford
Beach Slags of the North Wales Coast N.V. Campbell Bannerman
The Last of the Walking Draglines, the Largest Mobile Land Machines in the UK Ivor J. Brown
An Example of Fire Setting in West Africa Colin Laidler & W.E. Sharp
Volume 14 Number 5 – Summer 2001
A History and Gazetteer of the Mines in the Liberty of Peak Forest, Derbyshire: 1605-1878 Chris Heathcote
Farmers versus Miners: A Case of Pollution Ron Slack
Review: Worth a Thousand Words: Mining Picture Books Lynn Willies
Mining History Notes: Devonshire Cavern, Coalpit Rake: Firesetting with Coal John Barnatt
Mining History Notes: Old Ash Mine: Preliminary Observations on an Early Mine John Barnatt
Derbyshire Wad and Umber Trevor D. Ford
The Origins and Development of the British Coprolite Industry Bernard O’Connor
Tramways and Locomotives at 20th Century Mines in the Peak District J.P. James and A. Foster
Volume 14 Number 6—Winter 2001
The Geology of the Matlock Mines: A Review Trevor D. Ford
Surface Remains of the Pindale Area, Castleton, Derbyshire Chris Heathcote
Review: Angerstein’s Travel Diary, by Torsten and Peter Berg Lynn Willies
Swearing-in of a New Barmaster Paul J. Clarke
Papers presented at the NAMHO Conference, Forest of Dean, 1999
Thomas Sopwith and the Forest of Dean, 1832-1841 Robert Sopwith
Mining History and the Internet Peter Claughton
How Old is the “Owld Man”? Discovering Ancient Mines Simon Timberlake
Roman Mining Law David Elkington
Nature Conservation and Mines David Heaver
The Mining Laws in North Wales C.J. Williams
Working at New Dunn Mine in the Forest of Dean in the 1940’s George Hall
Index to Volume 14 David Williams
Volume 15 Number 1 – Summer 2002
Lead Veins within the Coal Mines around Whaley Bridge, New Mills and Bugsworth, Derbyshire Chris Heathcote
The Development of Deep Ecton Mine, Staffordshire, 1723 to 1760 John Barnatt
Stone Mining Hammers and their Hafts from Pre-Hispanic MesoAmerica Paul Craddock, Brenda Craddock and Adolphus Langenscheidt
Calcite Mining in the Peak District Trevor Ford
Arbor Low Calcite Mine, Youlgreave, Derbyshire Richard P. Shaw
Surface Remains of the Castleton/Peak Forest Area, Derbyshire Chris Heathcote
The Wedge Effect in Firesetting of a Sarsen at Overton, Wiltshire Lynn Willies
Some Notes on Peat Working and Turbary Rights Ivor J. Brown
The Mow Cop Tunnel and Tramways of the North Staffordshire-Cheshire Border Len Kirkham
Millclose Mine at Cowley Knoll, Wensley, Derbyshire: “Plans” of 1756 to 1761 Ivor J. Brown & L. Willies
Volume 15 Number 2 – Winter 2002
How Grove — PDMHS Special Project Report written by John Barnatt for the How Grove Team
Volume 15 Number 3 – Summer 2003
The Miners’ Tale: Golconda (Derbyshire) 1916 to 1957 Ron Slack
Iron Mining in the Peak District Trevor D. Ford
Calcite Mining in the Peak District: Postscript Trevor D. Ford
The Lower Nestus Pipe Re-Entered John Barnatt
An Attempt in 1935-7 to Rework Coalpithole Mine, Peak Forest, Derbyshire David Williams
The Diary of John Wesley Harvey, Manager of Whaley Bridge Colliery, Derbyshire, 1898-99 Chris Heathcote
The Schlackenwald, Bohemia, Mining Law of 1548 P. Siems & J. Sullivan
The Maury and Burfoot Mines, Taddington and Brushfield, Derbyshire J. Barnatt & C. Heathcote
Errata — How Grove
A Journey to the Kennecott Copper Mine, Alaska Lynn Willies
Letter to the Editor — Potosi Revisited Tony Waltham
Volume 15 Numbers 4/5 — Winter 2003 & Summer 2004
Editorial Peter Claughton
Mining Waterpower Leats in Wales Steven Hughes
Water Power in the Slate Mines of East Ffestiniog Gwynfor Pierce Jones and Dafydd Water Dafis
Small Streams of Water: The Water Resources on Grassington Moor Mike Gill
Five (or Six) Red Herrings: The Myers Head Water Wheel System Stuart Cresswell
The Use of Water Power for Compressed Air generation, at Brewery Shaft, Nenthead Paul Thorne
Swaledale’s Hydraulic Engines D. Carlisle and Mike Gill
Water Power in Peak District Mining Lynn Willies
Some Minor Uses of Water Power in Mining Ivor J. Brown
Cobden and Bright at Dylife C.J. Williams
Cwm Dwyfor Copper Mine: The Collection and Utilisation of Water Peter Hughes
History of Utilization of Water Power in the Mines of Freiberg, Saxony Peter L. Siems
Pliny’s Arrugia: Water Power in Roman Gold-Mining David Bird
Early Leats and Hushing Remains: Suggestions and Disputes of Roman Mining and Prospection for Lead Simon Timberlake
Water Power in 16th Century Precious Metal Production in the Gastein District of the Austrian Alps Brigitte Cech
Streaming and Hushing for Scottish Gold: The Archaeology of Early Gold Working at Leadhills and Wanlockhead John Pickin
Sir Francis Level: Driven by Water Martin Roe
The Tangential Impulse Water Wheel in California Gold Mining .A. Kraft & R.H. Samay
Underground Power Generation at the Comstock Lode and the Sutro Tunnel, Nevada Gray Brechin and Noel W. Kirshenbaum
Hydraulic Mining: From California to British Columbia the Long Way David Summers
Whither Water Power? A Direction for the Future, based on the Past David Summers
Conclusions: Over Two Thousand Years of Water Power Peter Claughton
Volume 15 Number 6 – Winter 2004
Geology of the Lead Mines around the Stanton Synclione, Derbyshire Trevor D. Ford
Lead/Calcite Workings in the Deep Dale and Bullhay Dale Area, Chelmorton, Derbyshire Chris Heathcote
The Schlackenwald, Bohemia, Mining Law of 1548 P. Siems & J. Sullivan
Women and the Lead Trade in 17th Century Wirksworth, Derbyshire Ron Slack
The Silver Rig, Pibble and Woodhead Metal Mines, Galloway, Scotland Cressey, Pickin and Hicks
Rio Tinto Revisited Lynn Willies
Astbury Hydraulic Lime Works, Newbold, Cheshire Len Kirkham
Index to Volume 15 David Williams
Volume 16 Number 1 – Summer 2005
This edition of – The Bulletin of the Peak District Mines Historical Society consists of a monograph by Roger Flindall entitled “Mines, Quarries and Murders in the Peak District” – A Study of Suspicious Deaths and Human Remains Associated with Past Mineral Working Activities.
Volume 16 Number 2 – Winter 2005
The Geology of the Wirksworth Mines: A Review Trevor D. Ford
Volume 16 Number 3 – Summer 2006
Firesetting at Peak District Mines: The archaeological & historical evidence J. Barnatt & T. Worthington
Firesetting at Peak District Mines: A corpus J. Barnatt & T. Worthington
The archaeology of Firesetting with Coal: The Northern Dale Mines, Derbyshire J. Barnatt & T. Worthington
Notes on the History of the Northern Dale Mines and Adjacent mines in Snitterton & Wensley James H. Rieuwerts
Interpreting Early Mining in Northern Dale. J. Barnatt & T. Worthington
Observations on the date and character of firesetting in the Peak District J. Barnatt & T. Worthington
The Detailed Archaeological Recording of Mines: Northern Dale – A Case Study J. Barnatt & T. Worthington
The Northern Dale Radiocarbon Dates P. Marshall & J. Barnatt
The Nineteenth Century Ore Accounts for Northern Dale John Barnatt
Ore Purchased by Jacob Flint from Northern Dale Mines, 1791 to 1804 James H. Rieuwerts
Fireset Workings not Included in the Published Inventory of Regionally and Nationally Important Lead Mining Sites in the Peak District John Barnatt
Volume 16 Number 4
Barytes Mills at Shallcross, Cadster and Barmoor Clough, Derbyshire Chris Heathcote
Coal Mining around Chapel-en-le-Frith, North West Derbyshire Chris Heathcote
The Reverend Mr Carrier Ron Slack
Force Crag Mine Mill, Braithwaite, Keswick Lynn Willies, Robin Hall, Tim Martin & Peter Brears
The Coal Mine Soughs draining into the Rivers Goyt and Sett in North West Derbyshire Chris Heathcote
Royledge and New York Copper Mines, Elkstones, Staffordshire Len Kirkham
Forest of Dean Coal Mining Michael Ranieri
Ralph Greatorex (1622-75): A Forgotten Derbyshire Scientist and Mining Engineer R. Flindall & J. Rieuwerts
Volume 16 Number 5
The Geological Setting of the Mineral Deposits at Brassington and Carsington, Derbyshire T.D. Ford & John A. Jones
Geophysical Survey at Magpie Mine, near Sheldon to Identify the Position of the 1840 Winding House and its Boiler House J. Barnatt & R. Vernon
Early Exploration of Mines at Perryfoot, Derbyshire Bernard Chandler
The History of Coalpithole Vein in Peak Forest and Chapel-en-le-Frith Liberties, Derbyshire 1705-1880 Chris Heathcote
Addendum – Plans relating to “Ralph Greatorex (1622-75): A Forgotten Derbyshire Scientist and Mining Engineer” – published in Mining History 16-4
Volume 16 Number 6 – Winter 2007
A Gazetteer of the Lead Mines within Castleton and Hope Liberties: 1748 to 1898 Chris Heathcote
Hard Times for Lead Miners: a Nineteenth Century Case History Ron Slack
Black Country Mining before the Industrial Revolution Peter W. King
Index to Mining History – Volume 16 David Williams
Volume 17 Number 1 – Summer 2008
Coal Mining in Beard and Bugsworth in Northwest Derbyshire Chris Heathcote
The Mines and Forges of the Lower Derwent Valley, Derbyshire, covering the Duffield Frith, Heage and beyond Peter J. Naylor.
Volume 17 Number 2 – Winter 2008
A Gazetteer of the Lead Mines in Buxton, Fairfield, and Wormhill ‘Out’ Liberties in North-West Derbyshire Chris Heathcote
The Geological Setting of the Lead Mines in the Lathkill Dale and Wye Valley Area, Derbyshire Trevor D. Ford
The Formation and Early History of Beard Colliery, Gowhole, near Furness Vale, North-West Derbyshire Chris Heathcote
A Coal Getting Agreement, No. 1 Mercantile Colliery, near Tonmawr, May 1894
Volume 17 Number 3 – Summer 2009
Metal Mines through Time: Unravelling Archaeological Evidence at Long-Worked Mines in the Peak J. Barnatt & T. Worthington with J. Hunter, J.H. Rieuwerts & A. Tickle
Volume 17 Number 4 – Winter 2009
Papers delivered at the NAMHO Conference held at Matlock in June 2009
The Lead Legacy: Recent Archaeological Research and Conservation Initiatives at Peak District Mines John Barnatt
An Introduction to the Ecology of Lead Mining Remains in the Peak District Rebecca Penny
Archaeology of Mining Landscapes in Germany Martin Straßburger
Mining, Quarrying, Archaeology and the Historic Environment: The Evidence for the Early Part of the Medieval Period up to 1200 Peter Claughton
The Development of Colliery Haulage and Winding Systems G. Hayes
Linares, Spain – The British Contribution to the Landscape Rob. Vernon
The Port Phillip and Colonial Gold Mining Company in the 1850’s Australian Gold Rush John Woodland
Early Mining and Metallurgy in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands Ann Kritzinger
Pen-Pushers with Pans: 20th Century Tasmanian Osmiridium Mining Nic Haygarth
NAMHO so far – what has it achieved? Ivor J. Brown
National Coal Mining Museums – Fossilised Monuments or Leaders of our Future? Margaret Faull
Volume 17 Number 5 – Summer 2010
The Geological Setting of the Lead Mines in the Northern Part of the White Peak, Derbyshire Trevor D. Ford
Saxon Miners in Serbian Medieval Laws and written Texts Milan D. Stojković
A History and Gazetteer of the Lead Mines within Bradwell Liberty, Derbyshire, 1216 to 1890 Chris Heathcote
Volume 17 Number 6 – Winter 2010
The Baryte Mines at Grin Hill, Ladmanlow and Stanley Moor, near Buxton, Derbyshire, 1835 to 1877 Chris Heathcote
John Barratt and the Grassington Mines, 1818 to 1834 M.C. Gill
A Model of Beever Mine at Grassington M.C. Gill
The North Yorkshire Moors Coalfields (Yorkshire’s other forgotten coalfields) M.C. Gill
Working the Coal at Whaley Bridge in North-West Derbyshire: 1883 to 1903. Its Impact on the Local Railway Network Chris Heathcote
Index to Volume 17 David Williams
Volume 18 Numbers 1/2 — Summer and Winter 2011
High Rake Mine, Little Hucklow, Derbyshire: Excavations and Conservation at an Important Nineteenth Century Mine John Barnatt with C. Heathcote, J. Hunter and D. Williams
Volume 18 Number 3 – Summer 2012
The Geological Setting of the Lead Mines of the Hucklow, Eyam, Stoney Middleton and Longstone Edge Area, Derbyshire Trevor D. Ford
A History and Gazetteer of the Lead Mines within Hartington Liberty, Derbyshire: 1191 – 1890 C. Heathcote
Volume 18 Number 4 – Winter 2012
Silence Mine, Grindlow, Derbyshire: Investigating an 1870’s Steam Engine House John Barnatt
An Archaeological Dig in Ironworkings in Norfolk in the mid-Nineteenth Century Ivor J. Brown
Volume 18 Number 5 – Summer 2013
Purley Chase Manganese Mine, Mancetter, Warwickshire Alan F. Cook
A Chromite Ore Crusher in the Shetland Isles Trevor D. Ford
Underground Surveying in Mines: Aiming towards Understanding John Barnatt
The Influence of Saxon Mining on the development of the Serbian Medieval State Milan D. Stojkovic
William Senior’s 1617 Map of Sheldon Adam Russell
Volume 18 Number 6 – Winter 2013
The Lead Legacy: An Updated Inventory of Important Metal and Gangue Mining Sites in the Peak District John Barnatt, Kieron Huston, Dave Mallon, Rebekah Newman, Rebecca Penny and Richard Shaw
Index to Mining History – Volume 18 David Williams
Volume 19 Number 1 – Summer 2014
The Geological Setting of the |Old Lead Mines of Ashover and Crich, Derbyshire Trevor D. Ford
A Gazetteer and History of the Lead Mines within the Liberty of Tideswell, Derbyshire: 1189-1945 Chris Heathcote
Letter to the Editor: Manganese Mining Trevor D. Ford
Volume 19 Number 2 – Winter 2014
The Mines of Middleton Flats M. Higgins & B. Webb
Derbyshire Roman Lead Pigs and ‘Lutudarum’ Alan Bradwell
Coal Mining near Buxton: Thatch Marsh, Orchard Common and Goyt’s Moss John Barnatt
Volume 19 Number 3 – Summer 2015
Proceedings of the NAMHO Conference held at Aberystwyth Univ. June 2013
Managing the Environmental Legacies of Frongach Lead and Zinc Mine P.Edwards & F Murphy
The Monks who Mined? David Sables
New Investigations and New Ideas on Prehistoric-Roman Metal Mining Simon Timberlake
Silver in Queensland: The problem of Ore Processing P. Claughton & L. Anguilano
Lead Mining Landscapes of Southern Spain Rob Vernon
Medieval Mining in Saxony – Selected Results from Excavations of High Medieval Silver Mines in Dippoldiswalde and Niederpobel C. Hemker & I. Burghardt (with S. Matson)
Excavations at Pitchcroft Limestone Mine, Church Aston David Poyner
Penmaenmawr Quarries Tony Brewis
Lead and Zinc Mining in Flintshire – the Engineering Legacy for new Development K. Nicholls & J. Hutchinson
The Neston Coalfield Phil Pritchard
Management of the Mining Heritage on Mynydd Parys David Jenkins
Mining Legacies and Cultural landscape: The Case of the Sicilian Sulphur Mines and the so-called ‘Yellowish Gold’ in the XIX Century (Poster) Giacomo Tabita
Volume 19 Number 4 – Winter 2015
Coal Mining on the Peak District’s Eastern Uplands during the 16th to Early 20th Centuries Jim H. Rieuwerts and John Barnatt
A 13th |Century Mining Dispute in the Central Orefield Adam Russell
Volume 19 Number 5 – Autumn 2015
A History and Gazetteer of the Lead Mines within the Private Liberty or Lordship of Hazlebadge: 1292-1947 Chris Heathcote
The 1788 Boulton and Watt Engine House at Ecton: Archaeological Excavations 2012-4 John Barnatt