Mining History – Guidance for Contributors


Mining History welcomes papers on any aspect of mining. Whilst published by the Peak District Mines Historical Society, contributions are not limited to the area of the Peak District and we will consider papers on mining from anywhere in the world. Papers should not have been submitted for publication elsewhere.


All texts should be in English. They should preferably be submitted as MS Word (*.doc) or RTF format files though other formats can normally be accepted. Automatic formatting and style sheets should not be used. The text should be single column with main headings in bold and sub-headings in italic. Footnotes/endnotes are not normally permitted. Large tables should not be included in the text and should be submitted separately. All illustrations (drawing and photographic images etc) should be submitted as separate files and not embedded in the text. They should be at least at 300dpi resolution for photographs etc and 600 dpi for drawings etc. Please bear in mind that it is likely that diagrams, maps, plans etc are likely to be reduced in size for publication and size of lettering and line weight as well as resolution of the digital image must be sufficient to allow this. The preferred location in the text may be indicated by the author in square brackets, e.g. [Figure 1] but final location will depend on editorial layout. References in the text to figures etc should be in the form: Figure 11 shows….. or (Fig. 11). It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission from copyright holders to publish their material if it is not the authors’. The text should include an abstract of appropriate length.

References should follow the Harvard system with a text reference in the form (Bloggs 2011) supported by complete details in a list of references at the end of the text:

Bloggs, J.; 2011 ‘The Treacle Mines of Dorset’ Journal of Dorset Myths and Legend; Vol. 32; part 12; pp 335-345.

Submission of Papers

Papers can be submitted by post (on CD, memory stick etc) or by e-mail (if more that 5MB in total size please send as several e-mails each not exceeding 5MB). For digital submission of larger papers via ftp server please contact the editor for detailed procedure. Hard copy submission is acceptable but bear in mind that it takes more time for scans of illustrations etc to be completed by the editorial team. In the case of hard copy submission all original material will be returned to the author at about the time of final publication.

Editorial Practice

Receipt of contributions will be acknowledged by e-mail by the editor as soon as possible. This may be a little while after submission. All contributions will undergo a review and comments may be returned to the author for revision/correction following this review. The editor may reject papers without further correspondence but will provide an explanation of the reasons for rejection.

Mining History is published twice a year but the date of publication of individual contributions will depend on subject, size, thematic issues and the availability of other papers. Which issue of Mining History a paper will be included in will be confirmed once revised papers have been received by the editor. When the layout for publication is prepared some editing may be required (though this is kept to a minimum) and illustrations and tables are inserted into the text. Authors will receive a pdf proof version of the laid out paper for a final check prior to printing. At this stage only corrections can be accepted, revisions of text etc unless critical cannot be made at this stage.

We do not provide off-prints (though authors receive a copy of the printed journal) but can provide a pdf version of the paper for the author’s own use.


It is the responsibility of authors to obtain permission of copyright holders to use any material that they wish to include for which such permission may be required. The editor can provide advice if required. Such permission should be for both printed and electronic publication.

Copyright of the article as published in Mining History resides with PDMHS. However authors retain copyright in the text and illustrations and any requests from third parties to use material will be directed to the author.

Mining History is initially published in paper form but is later made available as a downloadable pdf from the PDMHS web site. In submitting a paper for inclusion in Mining History authors acknowledge that it will be published in both media.

Contact details

Authors should include postal, telephone and e-mail contact details with their initial submission. Editorial correspondence is normally conducted by e-mail. When published articles will have the author’s postal contact details included.

The editor can be contacted at