Nellie Kirkham’s Field Notes

Nellie Kirkham was a pioneer in the study of mining in the Peak District and an early member of the Society. After her death in 1979, her archives passed to her close friend Doug Nash, and they were scanned in their entirety by the late John Beck. Since John’s death, Mark Noble has made these scans available and kindly agreed that they could be hosted as a collection on the Society’s website. The indexing system Nellie used appeared to relate to the old Ordnance Survey sheet numbers * but it does not appear to have been consistently used. Work on indexing the collection is ongoing and these indices will be added here as and when they are available – all offers of help welcome! The documents are in PDF format and are scans of hand-written notes.


These files range from 20MB to 180MB, you are advised not to access them unless you have a very fast internet connection (or a great deal of patience!) 

Index of 6 inch OS maps of Derbyshire 1842-1952
These links are to the National Library of Scotland map archive. Below are direct links to most of the maps referenced in the diaries.