The latest newsletter can be found here.

A new newsletter numbering system started in October 1975, that series is available here. Many of these are scanned typed documents but for more recent years they are better quality converted directly from digital (e.g. Word-processor) format.

Old series newsletters ran from 1959 to 1975. Digitised copies up to 1965 are available here.  Numbers 1:26 (1965) through to the start of the new series (1975) have not been digitised yet. The files are images of typed documents scanned into PDF format.

PDF files will be downloaded to your PC rather than being presented in your web-browser. You will need a PDF viewer program – most computers already have one, but if yours does not, you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software from here.

The content of these documents is copyrighted. Copyright is either that of the original author or of PDMHS. If you wish to make any other than personal use of any part of any PDMHS publication you should seek permission.