PDMHS Library

The library holds a substantial amount of material about mining especially relating to the Peak District and lead mining.

Some of the same materials are also available on the PDMHS web site (possibly just  the members-only section) or the original publisher’s web site.

Books and Reports in Author Order (PDF)

[pdfjs-viewer url=https://pdmhs.co.uk/docs/Catalogue%20of%20Books%20in%20the%20Library%20(Author%20Order).pdf viewer_width=600px viewer_height=700px fullscreen=true download=true print=true]

Journals and Newsletters
Many of the links below go to the relevant organisations’ complete list of publications in order to provide comprehensive coverage – the library holds copies of some of these. Beyond this we have fragmentary runs of much other material. Please enquire.

PDF documents may be downloaded to your computer or they may open in a browser window.  This depends on your software and configuration.

Maps and Plans 

Miscellaneous Records, Files, Off-prints and other Material

Archive boxes and binders

The library holds a number of miscellaneous items in these boxes and binders (PDF).  An alternative version of this content is presented in database format here but this may not be fully up to date.

We have many collections of historic photographs – highlights of some of them can be found in various photo galleries on this web site. Notable collections include:

  • Harry Parker’s collection
  • Lynn Willies’ slide collection (mining sites all over the world from Winster to Rajasthan and Alaska.)
  • Doug Nash and Operation Mole

Digital Archives

The library is continually being added to, more of the existing content is being digitised and, where appropriate, made available on-line.

Information about the Accessible Digital Archive, a searchable resource which is available from the Library PC is available from the PDMHS Members’s site (login required).

See this page for a Catalogue of the CD Collection

Access to the Library.

Only the Recorder has access to the storage area. 
Museum staff do not have access nor can they arrange it, please contact the recorder to make arrangements to visit.
Subject to availability, the items you wish to see can be made available along with a workspace.

A catalogue of the library is available for consultation. It is incomplete, so do ask the recorder whether there may be more material relating to your area of interest.

A postal loan scheme is available for members of the Society who are unable to visit the library in person.