Pretoria Mine – appendices to Mining History 19.6


Here you will find the detailed plans of Pretoria Mine and  comprehensive documentation detailing all the finds.

The images are all quite large and are provided as downloads.  You will need an image viewer but your PC will very probably have one.

Sheet 1
Sheet 1 with find locations
Sheet 1 with find numbers
Sheet 2
Sheet 2 with find locations
Sheet 2 with find numbers
Sheet 3
Sheet 3 with find locations
Sheet 3 with find numbers
Sheet 4 with find locations
Sheet 1, 2 & 3 combined view

Spreadsheet: index of finds (External link, use back button to come back here)

Appendix 1, Pretoria Mine – Passage Descriptions PDF file
Appendix 2, Pretoria Mine – Feature and Artefact Locations PDF file
Passage Name Changes with Reorientation of Survey to North PDF file

The PDF files require that you have a PDF viewer, most computers ship with Adobe Acrobat Reader, otherwise it can be downloaded (free) here.

The image files will be much larger than your PC screen size, you will need to open them in an image viewer that allows you to zoom in and scroll around the image  e.g. the Windows Paint program (free, part of MS Windows).

The find location numbering may need a little clarification. Using part of Sheet 1 with find numbers as an example, zoom in to the area around passages 6 and 7 and you’ll see numerous artefacts numbered 83.  The fuller identification of an artefact includes the passage number so we have 6:83 and 7:83.  That still leaves us with multiple instances of 7:83.  In the spreadsheet there’s a single entry (7 83 OTHER FITTINGS Wall Hanging Pins) in the PDF the detailed explanation reads: 
07:083   Hanging Pin  On one side of the passage, relatively high up the wall, there are eight short pins…
so the multiple 83s in Passage 7 represent those 8 hanging pins.