The Underground Exploration Group (UEG)

The Underground Exploration Group provides a means for PDMHS members to get third party insurance cover required by many landowners for access to caves and mines on their land.

There is a cost associated with this and the UEG is essentially a separate club but only open to PDMHS members. The UEG membership fee is the amount we pay for insurance and rather less than if you sought direct insurance as an individual.

If you wish to go underground with PDMHS you must be able to show that you have third party insurance cover.  That need not be as a member of UEG, if you are insured through another club you will have a laminated card identifying you as having the insurance.

This is third party insurance, not personal accident insurance.  It is intended to protect you, the trip organisers and the landowners from any claims against them in the event of an accident.

UEG membership runs for 12 months from 1 Jan.