Underground Exploration Group (UEG)

The UEG is a separate entity but only open to members of PDMHS, it has member club status with the British Caving Association enabling it to take part in the BCA Public Liability Insurance scheme.

Maury Sough © Martin LongMembership of the UEG is free but limited to PDMHS members who must have BCA Public Liability insurance cover. This can be purchased through the UEG at (currently) £17 per annum, through another BCA affiliated club, or directly from the BCA. Please note that the policy only provides Public Liability Cover, and is NOT personal accident cover. The cover is UK wide and is universally accepted as the ‘de facto’ underground insurance scheme in the UK – many mines and caves will not permit access without it. Further details can be seen at british-caving.org.uk.

PDMHS members who already have BCA insurance cover via another club, or directly with BCA, do not need to pay a second time. One payment to any BCA member club is valid anywhere – but UEG will need to see proof of cover (via a valid BCA Membership Card).

Temporary membership of the UEG will be available to PDMHS members wishing to try underground trips before committing to buying the insurance. 

The BCA insurance scheme is renewable on an annual basis from 1 Jan, those joining part way through the year may be subject to a discount.
There is a period of grace for renewals, cover remains active until 31 Jan to allow time for administration.  

PDMHS members who wish to join the UEG should contact the UEG Secretary, Martin Long, at ueg@pdmhs.com. Martin will get back to you with further information about what we need from you, and details of how to pay.

For more details of underground trips (including meeting places and times), please contact meets@pdmhs.com. Booking is essential and we will need to see a valid BCA membership card before you are allowed underground. The UEG operates a members-only private Facebook group