April 25th – Underground Trip to Brightgate Cave, Bonsall Moor

Tuesday April 25th 2017. Meet at 7.00pm.

Organiser: Paul Chandler.

Grade: Moderate. No ladder or ropework. 

Meet at 7.00pm. To book your place or for details of where to meet, contact Paul Chandler on 01246 220773 or email him at: meets@pdmhs.comParty size is limited. 

An unusual and quite complex cave system, which is also compact. It has been visited by lead miners via a now lost entrance. A fun, sporting, dry trip. The entrance passage is awkward and contains two squeezes. Note of caution: the first squeeze is short, but tight! Worth taking a camera for the fine 18th century, smoked miners inscriptions!

Reference: Caves of the Peak District – The Derwent South (Matlock) Catchment area (2010 Edition).

A Masson Caving Group trip – PDMHS members welcome