Winsford Rock Salt Mine Radio Programme

Currently available to listen to on the BBC iPlayer is a radio programme about Winsford Salt Mine in Cheshire. The mine, which opened in 1844, is the last working inland salt mine left in Britain, producing rock salt for road gritting. It now consists of 136 miles of tunnels 500 feet below the Cheshire plain. The programme touches on the history of salt mining in Cheshire, what it’s like to work in the mine, the working methods, and the uses to which the worked-out areas are now being put.

Winsford Rock Salt Mine in CheshireMore details about the mine itself can be found on their website here.

The radio programme, called Salt City, was first broadcast in 2008. It is 30 minutes long, and is available to listen to until November 9th 2017. It can be found on the BBC website here, or by clicking on the photograph above.